Building Wealth with $50 The 50 Best Dividend Stocks to Buy without a Broker

Building Wealth with $50 The 50 Best Dividend Stocks to Buy without a Broker

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Mkemo London
Mkemo London has been investing in stocks and Direct Stock Purchase Plans for over 17 years, he has held several financial positions in a number of companies. He has written many articles on money management, personal finance and investing. He is also a veteran of the United States Navy an More...



There is a lot of information on television and the internet about investing and let's face it, most of it is confusing to the average person. Building Wealth with $50 is written for the independent investor looking for a little straight forward information about investing in stocks. We have all been taught that the stock market is risky and you need thousands of dollars and a financial advisor to invest. Where can an investor turn to buy stocks with smaller dollar amounts? Direct Stock Purchase Plans (DSPPs); that is buying stocks directly without a broker using small dollar amounts. These investment plans are designed to help all investors maximized every dollar. Now, $50 doesn't sound like enough money to start an investment or wealth building plan and most financial advisors would tell you that at least $2,000 is needed. But consider this, $50 invested at 6% every month over 30 years is over $50,000. Investing small amounts can quickly add up over time. This book will provide detailed information about Direct Stock Purchase Plans (DSPPs), explain stock investing and discuss why it is not as difficult as the experts in the media would have you believe.

In this book you will learn to.........

* Invest in companies in the Dow 30 and S&P 500 like McDonalds, Nike and Target with Direct Stock Purchase Plans (DSPPs).
* Invest with little to NO fees or commissions.
* Invest in Real Estate without owning property, with stock in a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT).
* Build wealth over time with small amounts.