Making Money on eBooks: Smart Promoting

Making Money on eBooks: Smart Promoting

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Lynnette Phillips


26-page Article.

Do you want to earn money as a writer? If you are considering writing as a money-making proposition you will want a peek at what lies beyond publishing your writing into an eBook. Be Smart about it.

Lynnette Phillips, extraordinary book marketer, radio personality, and author joins IndieAuthor, and self-publishing enthusiast, Emily Hill, in this amazing and expansive look into Smart Promoting - the kind of promoting that Sells Books! 
You could surf the net, set aside time for podcasts, analyze blogs for all of this valuable information - but why spend the time when for $2.99 Lynnette Phillips and Emily Hill lay it All out there for You! Be Smart! 

These two veterans of the book world and independent publishing give you a host of fresh ideas on how to go about promoting your books, where to save money, and how to make a mark in the 'New World' of publishing!

Laid out in Quick and Easy to understand terms you will learn tips on the following topics in this excerpt from the 'All Smart Cookies Can Self Publish 2011 Guide': Friends~Family~Fans; Marketing ~ Publicity; Sell Sheets; Libraries; Book Signings; Advertising; Talk Shows.

This is where You Enter Center Stage, Shine, and Start Making Money as an Author. So! Let's get started!