The Bond

General Fiction, Romance, Young Adult

By Lynda May

Publisher : Dog Ear Publishing

ABOUT Lynda May

Lynda May
I was born and raised in New Jersey.  After many years, I decided to tell my story hoping to make the generation of today, especially politicians, know how important it is for the women to have a choice in pregnancy and birth. I am prochoice and believe that no one should control what More...


The Bond follows the life of a pregnant teenager back in the sixties before Roe v Wade.  Confused and alone, it was an experience that changed her life forever. It is an emotional and suspenseful story.

The Bond is based on a true story. People forget what it was like before Roe v Wade, the back alleys and suicides due to the shame of teenage pregnancy.The choice for women must remain intact. It is her body and her decision. Let us not go backwards.

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