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Publisher : Indepenpress UK


Cherry Radford was a piano teacher at the Royal Ballet Junior School, a keyboard player in a band, and then a research optometrist at Moorfields Eye Hospital in London. She lives near Brighton with her music producer husband and two sons. Men Dancing is her first novel, but another book  More...


A chance meeting with a performer you admire – an exciting story to tell your family and friends. But not if that excitement turns into the chronic ache of obsession...

Dr Rosie Buchanan – weary hospital scientist, frustrated musician, cheated wife and struggling mother – finds herself sitting next to charismatic Royal Ballet star Alejandro Cortés on a London train. Half an hour later, she starts to feel she’s misheard her true calling – and is soon doing research of a very different kind.

Rosie arranges a bogus research visit at Alejandro’s home, and is thrilled when he and his girlfriend ask her to teach them the piano. And she tries to overcome the pain of her failing marriage to Jez, and the obsession with Alejandro, by accepting comfort from consultant Ricardo Pereira. But so begins a complex dance of passion, betrayal, loss and redemption...

Sensual, witty, and at times deeply moving, Cherry Radford’s first novel is a sweeping tour-de-force.

MEN DANCING is the story of a disillusioned scientist who finds her world tilts after a chance meeting with a charismatic male ballet dancer. Why did I write it? Like Rosie, I was feverishly in love with ballet, hopelessly attracted to someone, and looking for a more creative existence...

“A great read for Strictly fans”

Sir Bruce Forsyth, CBE

“Couldn’t wait to get back to it every time I put it down.  Compelling and well written.”

Louise Voss, Amazon No.1 bestselling author