Lessons From The Road: Understanding God's Ways Through Traffic Experiences

Religion & Spirituality

By Daniel Ogweno

Publisher : Xulon Press

ABOUT Daniel Ogweno

Daniel Ogweno
Ogweno holds Bachelor of Education (Moi University, Kenya) and M.Phil. in Mass Communication and Media Studies (University of Bergen, Norway). He is the founder of Christ is Lord Ministries—Worldwide (Cilmin—Worldwide) and the author of a number of life-changing books including: Virtue More...


What constitutes the teachings of Jesus Christ are parables, miracles, and sermons, etc., plotted in the familiar physical, social, religious, and economic environments of the people He was addressing. 
If Christ were to physically give sermons, perform miracles, and tell parables in our contemporary world, He would most likely derive and plot quite a number of them in the context of our traffic environment. Short or long distances, we use the road more than ever before. This means that any teaching plotted in the traffic environment concerns virtually everyone. 

Lessons from the Road is a book in its own class and style, trying to capture the "persistent voice" of God in the traffic. It takes a starting point from the traffic setting, illustrates and then builds from there to highlight how our daily traffic exposure is an opportunity to understand God's ways. You don't have to be an avowed Christian to benefit from this book.

The writing of this book was inspired by a cross country drive to a destination I had never been before. GPS technology was not common during this time. This meant that I had to concentrate on the roadmap, trying to read all the signposts. In the process, I learnt some valuable spiritual lessons that I'd love to share with the world.

Reviewer: Deborah Porter
The Christian life is often referred to as a "journey," and many a book has been written on the subject, with Pilgrim's Progress being an obvious example. That being the case, it would be very easy to overlook yet another book dealing with the same subject, but to do so with Daniel Owino Ogweno's book Lessons from the Road would be to miss a real gem.

For one thing, I was amazed at how many everyday traffic experiences the author was able to use to illustrate spiritual truth for growing Christians. From the introductory reminder that "the way home is not a highway" through to the final "crossroads of decision," the reader is guided along a journey that is challenging, beautiful and encouraging.

The author was inspired to write this book by an experience some years before when he was required to make an eight hour journey across a mountainous region of Norway—an area with which he was far from familiar. As he prepared to set out, he reassured himself that there must be someone in his church who had made the same journey and could help him find his way. 

After making the long journey, Ogweno reflected on his experience, and as he did, God opened his understanding to all the lessons there were to be learnt from the road. Realizing this, he wrote:

"The road lessons make it easy to understand and relate the ways of God to our daily life. The experience was rich enough to teach and motivate commitment in our journey with Christ. I decided not to keep to myself this wealth of insight that was graciously given to me, hence the birth of this book."

In addition to all the delightful illustrations and lessons, each chapter is enhanced by the inclusion of reflections and questions to ponder. This makes Lessons from the Road ideal for group or individual study. The questions are thought provoking, without being complicated or heavy, and designed to build on the lessons of that particular chapter.

Although mainly aiming at the growing Christian, the author also reaches out to those who are yet to start their journey with the Lord, making this book twice the value.

With chapters full of anecdotes about road maps, traffic rules, detours, road blocks, tunnels, traffic police and beautiful scenery along the way, the reader can be assured of a picturesque and interesting journey from the first page to the last.

Apart from the excellent teaching and encouragement found in Lessons from the Road, there is one other special aspect to this book which makes it shine all the brighter, and that is the warmth and humble spirit of the author. Spending time with Daniel Owino Ogweno in the pages of this book is sure to delight all those who choose to make the journey with him.