ABOUT Christina Fifield-Winn

Christina Fifield-Winn
Christina Fifield-Winn is a freelance writer of articles and short stories when she's not training others in the art of Market Research. Her day job has led her to places that few of us know exist. Worlds where eccentricity is the norm and even sometimes embraced.
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Is it true that one event can alter a person's life? After Samantha's car is broken into, the world around her no longer feels safe. She makes some drastic lifestyle changes, but three years and a thousand "plan B's" later, has she taken it too far? Yes, according to Lara, the only friend that hasn't yet given up on Samantha. The day that Lara tries to finally knock the rituals out of her is the day that PGB shows up. Will PGB be the one event that changes Samantha back to her old self? The laughter continues in the third installment of The Coffee Break Series. Follow Samantha as she copes during a day filled with speed bumps and challenges she doesn't normally encounter in the confines of the controlled environment she's created for herself.