The Pursuit of Commitment

Religion & Spirituality

By Daniel Ogweno

Publisher : Xulon Press

ABOUT Daniel Ogweno

Daniel Ogweno
Ogweno holds Bachelor of Education (Moi University, Kenya) and M.Phil. in Mass Communication and Media Studies (University of Bergen, Norway). He is the founder of Christ is Lord Ministries—Worldwide (Cilmin—Worldwide) and the author of a number of life-changing books including: Virtue More...


I thought I was awake. I couldn’t afford to sleep-drive, but I slept—behind the steering wheels.

A watchman, doing a night shift, walks to his boss and asks for permission to travel home. He had dreamt the previous night that his mother was seriously ill. The watchman was supposed to be “watching” but he slept. He never realised that by telling his boss that he dreamt, he equally informed him that he was sleeping on duty.

One unique thing about sleeping is that we can’t tell we are asleep until we wake up. This means we may be deep asleep in the wrong place and time without even knowing it.

This book will test your condition. If you have been spiritually sleeping, it will tap you on the shoulder and wake you up. If you are awake, it will cheer you on to a more passionate vitality and prevent you from spiritual drowsiness.

The principles and insights shared in this book will help you gauge your spiritual vigilance and relevance.

The Pursuit of Commitment is about principles, perspectives, attitudes and practices that make Christian life devotedly functional and ceaselessly vigilant. It wakes up the sleeper and cheers the runner.