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Gail Hamilton
I live a quiet life with my small canine companion near family and friends back in my hometown in Southwestern Ontario, Canada. After working on the book for so many years, I'm adjusting to life after writing.Water colour painting is my passion and my walls are full of artwork. My grandch More...



THE D.I.R.T. COMMITTEE (Document Investigation and Review Team) was a team formed by Dow to purge certain incriminating paperwork once they became aware that the FDA would be confiscating their internal records regarding their breast implant business.

THE D.I.R.T. COMMITTEE is the true story of one woman, but could be the story of any woman who was implanted with Dow Corning’s prostheses. Gail Hamilton’s story, from implant to illness and fight for survival, to investigation of incriminating Dow documents, to Dow settlement, runs parallel to the Dow Corning silicone gel breast implant saga. The book contains well-researched Dow Corning documentation and statements that, in themselves, tell the real story behind the spin on implants. The prostheses have made many women sick and have also been responsible for the deaths of untold others. The documents paint a grim picture of how Dow spun media reports and lab studies including the Mayo and Harvard/Brigham studies, and punished whistle blowers and journalists that dared to inform the public and provide timely, accurate information. The lives and health of the women depended on this shielded information. As a result, lives were lost, marriages and families were destroyed, careers were abandoned, and financial ruin was common for implanted women who had once been healthy, thriving, individuals. The book also covers information on the new generation of implants that are on the market today. 

The document Investigation and Review Team (D.I.R.T.) was a team that Dow formed within their company to review and destroy incriminating memos regarding their breast implant business. The team went right to work once they found out that the FDA would be procuring all such documents for review after thousands of women reported to the FDA that their implants had made them sick. Some memos were overlooked in the the purge and it is these shocking revelations on which this book is based. For the first time the real story behind the controversy has come to light.

Raw and Real *****

The D.I.R.T. Committee spells it all out!

We live in a world where big government and business are corrupt; lies and deceit are rewarded. The more corrupt and evil, the better and bigger the reward!

Breast implants ~ a ticking time bomb! Gail doesn’t shy away from the inside of “Dow’s shielded information.” Her story will take you on a rollercoaster of emotions as you journey with her from the inception to the present. As Gail digs deeper, you will find Dow can’t keep their ideologies straight….nor their lies.

With a writing style that is near flawless, Gail has created a fast-paced and seamless read that is impossible to put down. When it comes to defending something Gail believes in, there isn’t a mountain high enough to stop her!

An amazing tale of one woman’s fierce determination to overcome the odds and fight for what’s right.

A. Gibson  Toronto

Gail has written a heart wrenching story of her struggle to regain good health after silicone breast implants. The story follows her journey from new mother trying to regain her pre-pregnancy figure to her complete lack of energy and chronic pain even after implant removal.  Her struggle to find answers from the implant manufacturer only results in frustration and disappointment. This book will be very informative to women with breast implants and anyone considering implants. From the business angle to laboratory practices and sales force maneuvers, this factual story is well told. The book will surely make you think twice before putting any foreign substance into your body.

D. Muir, Arizona


October 4, 2011 • 2:21 am

Great job Gail!! I have been hoping for a book covering this side of the story. So many women who would have loved to share their stories were silenced with gag orders. You have delivered such a monumental effort by contributing in this way. Thank you so much for getting this information out there.

Patricia Davidson

November 20, 2011 • 10:59 pm

What an amazing story of one woman struggles with being so sick for some unknown reasons until she discovers it was her implants that were leaking. I have known Gail for years and remember her being very sick for unknown reasons. This book is a amazing read of one woman who was determined to find out all the answers. Her journey through all of this will grab your heart and hope she finds all the answers she is looking for. Also this book will help so many other women who are sick and looking for answers. This book will answer all of your questions. To all the woman who have suffered this, this book is a must to read!!! Patricia Davidson, California