Chosen by Love: Exploring the Mysteries of Election and Predestination

Religion & Spirituality

By Danny Bond

Publisher : The Word Transfer

ABOUT Danny Bond

Danny Bond
Danny Bond is the senior pastor of The Vine Christian Fellowship in Appleton, Wisconsin. Over his three decades of ministry he has enjoyed a number of pastorates, taught at conferences and overseas, has ministered for years over the radio, and his bi-weekly teachings stream live over the I More...


Election and predestination are profound mysteries found throughout the Bible, but just speaking about them can cause division and arguments.  Are they meant to divide?  Or are they instead meant to encourage believers and inspire awe for our loving God?  Filled with rich insight, “Chosen by Love” steers a clear course through the fog and storm of division by clarifying election as it is revealed in the Bible.  Through it, you will find election to be a source of wondrous blessing and encouragement – just as God always intended it to be.  You will come away awestruck and enamored with how much God loves you, ready for any opportunity to share His love with someone else.  Let’s explore these mysteries together.