Angel Unraveled

Science Fiction & Fantasy, Humor

By Tamela Buhrke

Publisher : Wicked Women Publishing LLC.

ABOUT Tamela Buhrke

Tamela Buhrke
I confess. I have a problem. To me, Urban Fantasy isn't just a hobby--it's a lifestyle. Paranormal fiction rules my world. 

It started young. Sneaking reads at night, flashlight under the covers. On the outside, I was a normal kid. Reading kept me quiet and out of trouble. On t More...



Andi Andreas has been seeing ghosts and reading minds for the past five years and, frankly, she's sick of it. But when her sexy new upstairs tenant, Tucker, falls battered and bloodied into her arms, Andi discovers that her skills can be used for more thanjust tarot card readings. She helps Tucker uncover a gang selling a new kind of drug. A drug that temporarily turns users into vampires. 

Andi learns that the leader of this gang, a sassy she-demon in strappy sandals, has put a hit out on her. Andi has no idea why. The demon is also threatening to unleash the drug as a virus—converting humanity into monsters. When Tucker disappears, Andi needs her abilities more than ever. Can she save her new man… and the world?