29i - Mastering Your Sales Psyche

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Michael Simpson
Michael Simpson developed many of his coaching skills while serving for 6 years in the Marine Corp’s and as a record setting sales professional for the past 20 years. His book 29i – Mastering Your Sales Psyche (Xmar Publishing, 2011) is an integral part of his national sales training s More...


Discover the Secrets Superstar Sales Professionals Use to Reach the Top In “29i – Mastering Your Sales Psyche.” Sales training expert Michael Simpson takes you through the 29 essential ingredients you need for sales success. He addresses the ingredients you must master in order to become a top notch Sales Professional, while providing guidance and inspiration throughout each chapter. Go beyond sales systems and dig deeper to discover how your psyche is at the center of your sales success. Then, through his Behavioral Ingredient Modification methodology, begin crafting your perfect sales psyche one ingredient at a time.

Following the principles of this ground-breaking book will keep you engaged, energized and inspired as you produce exceptional results and achieve unparalleled success. You’ll thrive because you combine essential ingredients with your personal psyche to produce the ultimate selling machine.

29i is a must-read for sales professionals, business development professionals, entrepreneurs, sales management, direct sales consultants, business students and anyone who wants others to adopt their product, service or vision.

Michael’s clients often say he has a way of giving sales professionals a “map” that directs them to where they need go, and most important, shows them how to get there. Whether you are new to sales or a seasoned professional, after reading this book you will learn skills and techniques that will help you Master Your Sales Psyche.

In an award-winning chocolate chip cookie, all the ingredients must be right for it to be complete and stand out from the rest. The combination of these exact ingredients, used in just the right proportions, is what makes it special. Ingredients can be changed, altered, increased, decreased, missing, defective, misused, high quality, low quality, solid, liquid, powder, mental, psychological and even cosmic. Ingredients are used in almost everything we touch every day. Without the proper ingredients, things don’t work the way we intended or want them to. Take out one ingredient in cement (water) and it simply does not work. Add too much water to cement and it also does not work. It is important to have the right proportion of any one ingredient so that it will work well with other ingredients and produce the desired results. Ingredients can also be bad. High fructose corn syrup is in most foods we eat today and has been linked to weight gain and obesity which lead to more serious health problems. Many sales professionals I have interviewed admit that they have bad or missing ingredients that could be hindering their sales success. The ingredients for sales success that I outline in this book can also be good or bad or even missing altogether, it depends on how they have been studied and applied to your psyche. Like everything we see, touch, feel and live, ingredients are present in one form or another. Being a person and a sales professional is no different; we are made up and succeed by applying multiple ingredients, which ultimately lead to our psyche. These ingredients come from multiple influences in life, everything from our personality, friends, family and education, to books, seminars and fellow coworkers. The idea that you can read one book and become a super salesman is not realistic. To be well rounded as a sales professional, you have to have multiple ingredients from multiple influences that are joined into a master recipe, which is you. "Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out." - Robert Collier



I just landed back in Minneapolis and I feel compelled to send you a note. The last few days I've been reading 29i on my iPad, and some of that time was the last hour on the plane. Although I'm not yet even halfway through the book, I must tell you this is the most motivating, encouraging, and relevant information-rich text I have ever read. I am so excited to continue diving into this, and to apply to my life- both personally and in my sales career, and I cannot express to you enough how impressed I am. Amazon.com better be ready for me because I plan to order 5-10 copies online to give out to those I know and meet who will appreciate. I truly have so much respect for you for the knowledge you have and your ability to put this all on paper. Alanna