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ABOUT W. Bradford Swift

W. Bradford Swift
As a writer with over 25 years of professional experience and 22 years as a life and business coach, I combine these unique talents to help aspiring and emerging writers to make a difference as they express their life purpose through the power of the written word.
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 Zak Bates is pretty normal for a sixteen year old. Okay, he does own his own zoo, but other than that, he's pretty average. But when he's visited by Ra-Kit, a magic cat with a bad catnip habit on a life or death mission, he is ill prepared for the assignment she blackmails him to accept – to represent the Animal Kingdom before the United Nations' Conference on World Pollution.

Together, Zak, Ra-Kit and Sampson, the flying dog, must persuade the world governments to stop poisoning the planet or face a global rebellion of the animals that could cost millions of lives on both sides and throw the world into irreversible chaos.