The Believer' Guide to Entrepreneurship The College Way

ABOUT Andre Williams

Andre Williams
  Andre started his first business at his undergraduate apartment in college at the age of eighteen and before graduating college he was managing three fully operational corporations. As a teenager he started a half of dozen profitable businesses and by 23 he became one of the youngest e More...


Failing is not the best feeling to encounter, you feel hopeless and lost and not to mention fearful and clueless on how you’re going to make rent the next month or how you will pay your bills for the next cycle. Leave to me to tell you that sometimes pressure and low budget or better yet no budget at all is a breeding ground for a Brilliant Idea!


I also have great steps to share of how I reach great financial heights.

So I really want to share some cool tools and tips with you of how to start a business in College, doesn't matter if your in undergrad or if you are a professional student. The Believers Guide to Entreprenuership is a complete how to guide to show you pritical and uninique methods of how to reach your goals, dreams and full life potential and also how you can continue to find ways to apply your talents and gifts to make income and live out the life you desire through your passions.




Hum…. What’s the CATCH?


Well, honestly there is no catch at all. I really love sharing my ideas and my successes and failures. I want to provide for others what others provided for me, a SHOT! Have you ever heard of the scripture when you are blessed been a blessing? Even though that scripture is not totally quoted accurately the idea behind my success is helping others reach their potential. I noticed when you work as a team you will indeed reach your dreams! I know, corny, but it’s so… True! My goal here with this guide will be to provide you with tools and cool tips and tricks of how you can beat the odds and competition and make your mark through residual income, passive income, leverage income and 9 to 5 income. There is no SECRET to what I am about to share with you I just have several testimonies to provide so that you do not have to wonder if it will work or not.




My Basic Disclosure “PLEASE READ”


I am not a marketing expert, I do what I do well and I am very transparent in my techniques. You will not “Get Rich Quick,” I repeat you will not “Get Rich Quick,” by applying any method or technique I will show you. Actually you may encounter some of the most challenging work that you have ever faced but it will pay off. 


All of the techniques and methods you will see here in this book can be discovered in several different places online as well as from other individuals. What I do have that is unique is my honesty and of course my transparency to relate to you how I reach my goals and best of its entire all FREE!


So to wrap up this story, I work hard to have what I have and to do what I do but I do not take advantage of people nor do I paint false pictures. You will never have to buy anything from me to succeed nor will you have to subscribe to anything or resource that I share with you to be successful. Once again as I mentioned before I am not a marketing guru just a normal everyday guy with a drive and passion to do well in life.




Thank you for taking the time to read through my story and I hope you share your success and failures with someone else as well. I look forward to guiding you soon.



Best Regards,

Andre Williams

Author/ Visionary

God Speeds!


What if there is a way to follow a direct plan to create a powerful foundation to launch a business without doing a lot of research? Imagine what you would do if you had access to 10-20-30 years of entrepreneur advice at your fingertips?  What if you could launch a business while your preparing for midterms? “The most economical and exclusive How-to-GUIDE you will ever own to start a new business.” The Believer’s Guide has already seized the attention of many successful professionals who are beginning to see the results now! This guide was created to give you the resources that I have collective, tested and used for over the past decade. Just take a look at what people are saying about this book. “What People Have Said “The reading material is easy to read and simple and effective that it will draw you in not wanting to put the book down… “The Guide does everything from the heart of a professional, and is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to goal setting and goal achievement. “The Believers Guide customized a plan for me to reach my goals by building on my current strengths and strengthening my weaknesses. With his financial expertise, I have been able to transition from working for others, to working for myself. Further More… We have worked with many business owners of all ages and backgrounds and we have assisted them with launching their dream business that actually creates profitable revenue. We get emails every day from people thanking our team for an organized, easy-to-read, do-it yourself guide. We have several businesses that we have created from ground up and we have more testimonies than we can count but we share it all with you inside of one short book! So what is your fear or road block? What can we help you overcome or conquer to begin today? Here is what we can offer you right NOW! Comprehensive walk through plan of how to start, market and launch your business on a minimum budget or maybe no budget at all. A Comprehensive Outline of Structured Charts and Tables to Structure Your Business Plan as Well as Your Marketing Plan. A Comprehensive Marketing Section JAMMED Pack With Free Tips and Tools To Market For Free! New Best Practices According to Daily Modern Technology Information on How To Get Started Where You Are Right Now! Best Practices of The New Buzz Tools In Social Media. A Complete Chapter of How To Spot Out Ripp-Offs and Scams. Personal Tips From our hard working team Throughout the Entire Guide Plus Much, Much More! Now Here Come The Greatest Gift… The Price? Well, realize that this resource could easily sell for over $100. We could easily sell it for $80.00 or even $60.00. That’s already much cheaper than ALL of the guides available for you today. In fact, your total investment for The Believer’s Guide to Entrepreneurship “The College Way” is only $44.95! $4.99 But Wait… There’s more… Free authentic conversations with business owners, Secretary of State Administrators, website designers, distribution managers explaining how to get your service or product in the hands of customers all over the world… (In MP3 format) Wow! Now you can listen to these authentic conversations of a regular entrepreneur as you pound the pavement to get results. What are you waiting for? . •Instant Download! No More Waiting For Days For Your Guide! •No More Depending On Bogus Infomercials! •Easier to use. Easier to implement, easier to execute! •Discount for Upcoming Audio and Video Guides So what’s the catch? Why am I practically giving this resource away? Well, it’s simple. I want The Believer’s Guide to Entrepreneurship to be the most inexpensive guide you can buy. Plus, you’re already paying money for marketing and everything else that comes with owning a business. Why should you spend way more? FREE BONUS GIFTS INCLUDED! • Bonus #1: My 7 Natural Laws Of Success to Help You Gain Focus and Remain Confident in Your Vision of Owning A Business: • Process of Elimination of Failure • Categorized Definition List • Performance and Innovation in Self Powering Exercises & Methods •How to Choose the Right Marketing Methods • How to Effectively Use The Resources Around You Plus more… •Bonus # 2: Reference Links to Websites that actual work! Easily a $50.00 value for ABSOLUTELY FREE! (For a Limited Time Only) “Don’t Worry We Believe In Customer Satisfaction!!”


Andre Williams has fed into my life in more ways than I could ever fully explain. For starters, he has been such a motivating friend, supporting me in fulfilling my personal financial goals. He not only listened to my heart’s desires, but he acted and truly worked side-by-side with me to actualize my goals. He customized a plan for me to reach my goals by building on my current strengths and strengthening my weaknesses. With his financial expertise, I have been able to transition from working for others, to working for myself. Living “The American Dream” has always been a goal of mine, and I have been on my way to achieving it for some time now. With Andre’s assistance, I have been able to work for myself and demand that I make what I believe I am worth, pay down debts and purchase assets instead of liabilities.

Winesha Whitehead, M.S. Teacher/Entrepreneur
Los Angeles, California USA

Mr. Williams is a Godsend. He is a patient man that works with people exactly where they are. He is a motivator, and a great communicator. I met him while I was searching for a new career path and he utilized my existing background to transition me into a field where there are no income ceilings. With his expertise, I was able to triple my yearly annual salary, and I plan on increasing it even more next year!

Terrica Lee, HIT Consultant
Memphis, Tennessee

I am truly thankful for the financial education that I have received from Andre Williams. I have been able to increase my personal finances by 40% this year from his training. He undoubtedly cares about the people he assists, in that he gains personal fulfillment when he sees others succeed. He does everything from the heart, and is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to goal setting and goal achievement.

Winesha Whitehead, M.S. Teacher/Entrepreneur
Los Angeles, California USA

To Andre .E Williams's "The Believers Guide to Entrepreneurship the College Way" Andre's book is inspiring and informative, he uses good tools and a range of good methods to reach and achieve goals to starting your own business and its easier than you think it would be, along with the reading part André uses diagrams that are easy to follow and understand. The reading material is easy to read and simple and effective that it will draw you in not wanting to put the book down... I know I didn’t. He also ties in a few corresponding bible verses that are important and necessary. Andre also includes some good resources in the text such as useful websites to help further your business. This book will not only equip you to starting a business or being and Entrepreneur it will equip you for life. I recommend this to anyone wanting to start a business as it helps and his tools and methods WORK.

Retired Dancer, Nanny, and Pursuing to have own Wedding Planning Business
, Quebec,Canada/Sydney Australia