Got a Right to Be Wrong

Romance, Humor, General Fiction

By Karla Brady

Publisher : Simon & Schuster

ABOUT Karla Brady

Karla Brady
K. L. Brady is a D.C. native but spent a number of her formative years in the Bellaire, Ohio. She’s an alumnus of the University of the District of Columbia and University of Maryland University College, earning a B.A. in Economics and M.B.A., respectively. She works as an editor for a More...


The sequel to the award-winning book club favorite The Bum Magnet features the return of the smart, quick witted, loveable real estate agent who also has a short fuse and an affinity for Grey Goose vodka.

Sassy and successful real estate agent Charisse Tyson is about to tie the knot with the man of her dreams, but the wedding has everyone, including Charisse, under a lot of pressure. As Charisse and Mr. Right march toward matrimony, his hidden past is revealed, Charisse’s missing-in-action father resurfaces, and things heat up with Charisse’s best guy friend. Suddenly Charisse is faced with many new questions regarding her life decisions, and she must figure out just how right or wrong she was all along.

When I wrote The Bum Magnet, I had not intended to ever follow up the story with another book. I personally think sequels can often be overdone and rehash too much information so that you don’t feel as if you’re getting a new, fresh story or that the character has any real growth to undergo in another book. As a matter of fact, I worked on another book and came up with the concept for a third before even typing a single word of GARTBW. But I got a call from my grandmother, who just turned 88 by the way, and she demanded to know what happens next. She didn’t ask; she demanded. And when Grandma demands, I write. So, I came up with completely new topics using the same characters in a way that I think readers will feel as if they are getting a whole new book. I wouldn’t have wanted to publish it any other way. The great thing is, if you haven’t read The Bum Magnet, you could pick up GARTBW and read it without feeling as if you’ve missed a beat. However, if you have read The Bum Magnet and you know Charisse’s tumultuous history, then the emotion of the drama will be that much more intensified and you will get even more enjoyment from the follow up.

“It’s a Comedy of Errors for the hip-hop generation…Charisse jumps to one wrong conclusion after another—offering a proclamation that gives this book its title—in the outlandish, comic, and charming tradition of the Bard [Shakespeare] himself.  Brady updates an old theme for a new audience and finds a thoroughly modern tale of grown-up love, the endurance of friendship, and the strains—and comfort—of family.”~~Publisher's Weekly

"Brady draws readers in immediately from the prologue and propels them straight through the drama, humor and the various twists and turns that will leave you exhausted but satisfied . . .   Charisse is not your typical heroine and that may be the strongest part of the story.”~~Romantic Times (4/4.5)

"Relationship Drama at It's Best!" Five Star Review~~Sistas of Urban Literature Book Club

"I was hoping the sequel, Got a Right to Be Wrong, would make the grade… IT DOES! . . . True to style, Got a Right to Be Wrong had those laugh out loud moments but was also intertwined with some hard knock life lessons that will make you take a moment to reflect. Readers definitely need to add this to their reading lists. They will not be need to add this to their reading lists. They will not be disappointed." ~~SistahFriends Book Club (5/5 Pink Diamonds)