Chasing Kate

ABOUT Kelly Byrne

Kelly Byrne
I write fiction because I enjoy reading it.



A woman, a girl, a Jeep. Add vodka, two measures of kidnapping, a splash of grand theft auto and a dash of arson. Shake silly. This is Kate Denai's life.

Alone in a new city and at yet another crossroads, Kate finds a tiny stowaway, five-year-old Sadie Beck, in the back of her Jeep on Halloween night.  
She returns Sadie to an aggressively negligent stepfather and is forced to skip town after a revenge-gone-wrong incident involving her ex-boyfriend's garage, the mistaken identity of a water jug and one hell of a blaze.  
When Kate finds Sadie in her Jeep again certain revelations convince her Sadie needs saving. They stumble into a frantic journey across state lines, over spiritual borders, and into a complex landscape of moral choices Kate's prior transgressions leave her unprepared to handle. 

She needs a nap.

Kidnapping is taxing business. So many details. Always learn to drive a stick before you steal one in the middle of the night. And for God's sake, teach the child about the brake before the car rolls down the hill in neutral.

Also, make sure the water is water before you throw it on a fire.

Who's saving whom again?

Kate's unique, irreverent and often hilarious take on her unfortunate circumstances mixed with her incisive wit in the face of utter devastation blend to make "Chasing Kate" a great choice for readers who enjoy contemporary fiction.

A friend of mine said to me one day after lunch, "They should prosecute people for inner child abuse," and the seed for "Chasing Kate" was sewn.

"WARNING: Reading this book might get you fired: once you start it, you won't be able to put it down!

There are many reasons to pick up Kelly Byrne's debut novel Chasing Kate. The best reason is the author's style: every sentence is a pleasure. Every single word is in its right place; nothing left to be desired.

Byrne's style is smart, honest, in your face (in a good way), daring. She will have you almost in tears and then all of a sudden, when you least expect it, she'll have you laugh out loud wherever you are. And then she'll have you in tears again.

The book just came out. So a couple of months from now, when everyone is talking about it, you'll be able to say you were one of the first ones to read it. Go ahead now, and enjoy the ride!" --Monika

"A hilarious and heartwarming story. Byrne captures the complexity and depth of Kate, our unlikely heroine, and her adorably willful stowaway's relationship with humor and grace. You feel as though you are riding shotgun on this unpredictable road trip. And you won't want the journey to end." --Natascha