Jane of the Jungle

General Fiction, Humor, Romance

By Jane Baskin

Publisher : iUniverse

ABOUT Jane Baskin

Jane Baskin
I'm Janey B, baby boomer and dreamer extraordinaire. Clinical social worker and writer. Chronicler of the mad, the bad, and the totally unbelievable. 
I have launched a personal war on aging. Why? Why not? Dress it up all you want, it's no fun. So I have decided to do it differently. More...


She’s an Olympic class shooter. She’s a pilot. She’s an emergency room nurse practitioner. She can bench 150 and leg press 300. She has the body of a dancer and the mind of a wolf.

And she’s sixty years old.

When hubby dies after a long illness…. presto! She’s broke.

Fold, or play?

Armed only with a facelift, a nine-millimeter and an attitude, she takes to the road in a converted tour bus that runs on shit. And a few adventures later, she becomes, truly, Jane of the Jungle.

Jane chucks her life as an emergency nurse practitioner for a life as a drug runner. First choice? Maybe not. But the need for money is a powerful driver…..and it takes her straight to John Domini, a mobster who hates his job.

A job he’s about to be terminated from….permanently.

Misfits in every world, they team up through crazy capers, wild chases and side trips into the very weird, to win a second chance at life.

Do they succeed? Ask the telepathic tiger, who muses with astonishing perception on human nature. Ask the biker queen who discovers that magic is real. Ask the mob boss who surrenders a life of denial to a talking fox who foretells the future.

Ask yourself: what makes sense? Really?

I started writing a book in Starbucks one day. Beats me where it was coming from. But one yarn led to another...and another....and one day I had about 30 pages of insane story and I said aloud in Starbucks, "OMG where do I get this sh*t?" After an embarrassing moment in which I apologized to the startled cafe goers, I realized this book was coming from me but also outside me, and I just let it flow. Jane of the Jungle is the result.

“From the first page, and the premise of starting a new life at age sixty, to starting that life (due to circumstances) as a criminal, the story had me hooked. With witty and wonderful phrasing to analyses of the human condition and motivations, Jane of the Jungle is a unique tale of adventure and fantasy. The “talking” Siberian tiger is a great character making the story even more enjoyable. The writer shows great depth and style throughout the book.”        

  ----Editor’s Choice Board,

      iUniverse Publishing

This book is a romp!! Well written, funny, at times hilarious with gut busting laughter, witty and insightful. If it wasn't so much fun to read, the insights and ideas about how we age would be sheer philosophy. But as much fun as it, this book leaves the reader with a sense of how enjoyable a story it was. There is so much to ponder once the book is finished, but the overall adventure of it, the idea that life ain't over 'til its over, and the artistry of the writing can really really make you believe in magic. Can't wait to read the next one this author writes !!  ---Illian, Amazon Reviews

This book contains just about everything: mobsters, gunfights, a flying bus, a talking fox, a telepathic tiger, biker gangs, incompetent hitmen, and, at its core, an old fashioned, if unusual, love story. If all of these items make you wonder about the book, I would encourage you to read it....There are times of laughter and times of sadness, often at the same time. The characters are quite interesting and the plot, even the somewhat unbelievable parts of it, are greatly entertaining....if you read it, you will not be disappointed.  ---Frank Konopka, Amazon reviews, VINE Voice

Most books can nicely fit into certain categories, but this book is not one of them. It has romance, adventure, science-fiction moments, suspense, mob-mafia characters, talking tigers, motorcycle gangs, and middle-aged main characters. Yet with so many different types of things going on, the book reads well and is highly entertaining....You should find this book to be a bit bizarre, a bit fun, interesting and very different to read. I hope the author writes a lot more books as it was a refreshing change to read such a fun book.  ----Gail Rodgers, Amazon Reviews   VINE Voice