Fear of the Past, a novel

ABOUT Claude Nougat

Claude Nougat
Columbia University Graduate (Economics) and passionate traveler (80 countries+). Accumulated a varied experience in banking, editing, free-lance journalism, college teaching and marketing. Worked 25 years for the United Nations (in FAO as project analyst, ending as Director for Europe/Cen More...


...a highly original and unusual piece of literary fiction. A family saga spanning nine centuries is interwoven with a contemporary coming of age story with such skill that suspension of belief is without effort. Author Nougat uses a supernatural device to do this that is reminiscent of Dante’s Purgatory as seems appropriate. A large cast of characters is developed with sensitivity and insight, a rogues gallery of heroes and sinners…(R.Lee Holz, author)

The book is a bit Alice in Wonderland, a bit Dante's Inferno, and a lot about coming of age and self-discovery. Nougat's method of fleshing out her protagonist and his discovery of his past is inventive. She throws an amazing collection of characters at the reader, characters who run the gamut of human personality…(Joseph Badal, author)

...This could be the Harry Potter of history for adults and teens looking for fantasy, romance and history rolled into one. It's a page turner... (P.Inez Erica Impie).

…a paranormal, romance with a historical dimension that takes you into the beautiful island of Sicily (Faith Mortimer, author)

…The stories were easy to visualize and I would love to see this book made into a movie (Suzy Turner, author)

…What I liked most is that this book is symbolic of universal emotions and human foibles, sometimes making them larger than life…(Karen Rose Smith, author)

…more than a paranormal romance: it has a historical dimension that takes you into the spirit of the Sicilian soul (Giuseppe Bonanno)…

Are we products of the surroundings or of the past? This story takes nature v. nurture to the basic core of our existence. When Tony stumbles into a building filled with his ancestors, he learns their stories. Is his life intertwined with theirs, or is his life a product of his present day upbringing by his mother? (Barbara Ell)