Rather Shorts: Six Short Tales of Crime in a Small Texas Town

General Fiction

By Walt Shiel

Publisher : Jacobsville Books

Rather Shorts: Six Short Tales of Crime in a Small Texas Town

ABOUT Walt Shiel

Walt Shiel
Although born in Michigan, Walt Shiel was raised across the US and around the world as an Air Force “brat.” He started school on the Pacific Island of Guam during the Korean War and finished high school in France during the Vietnam War. Shortly after graduation, Charles DeGaulle kicked More...


A Fort Worth detective finds contentment as a small-town police chief.

Orin Cage left a 15-year career with the Fort Worth PD to become Chief of Police in the small North Texas town of Rather. Glad to have escaped the high-pressure of the Metroplex crime scene, Cage takes a laid-back, but still effective, approach law enforcement.

The six stories in this volume:
  • "By a Nose" (inept double-crossing crooks)
  • "Give Him a Hand" (it was just a magic act, right?)
  • "A Quiet Sunday" (that turned out not quite so quiet, after all)
  • "Lady in Distress" (she didn't appreciate the help)
  • "Out of Control" (nobody's kid is immune)
  • "Have Another Drink" (but be careful whom you stick it to in business)
Buy Rather Shorts today and spend some relaxing time with Chief Cage as he sorts out the problems of the citizens of Rather, Texas.