A Name Like Thunder

A Name Like Thunder

ABOUT Lee Goff

Lee Goff
An author, businessman, husband, grandfather, friend.  I take God more seriously than anything in my life, however, I refuse to take myself seriously.  Humor is essential to surviving life; honor and integrity essential to living with one's self.



Not since "The Shack", has a book created more excitement, answered more questions, and given the reader a never before seen view into the battle of angels and demons around us. "A Name Like Thunder" introduces Len and Elizabeth, pregnant with a daughter that will change the world. Enter Kirkland, evil personified, totally void of any morality, instructed by Satan to kill the child. The narrator of this story, a very cynical angel instructed by God to protect the child and family, reveals in explicit detail the daily battles between angels and demons for the influence over our simplest decisions. 

Vowing to never again underestimate the influence one person can have on this world, Satan has gathered thousands of demons to assure the death of the chosen child. The Angel, the family, divinely selected friends, and the Son Himself stand against the vilest army and most demented evil Lucifer has ever gathered. 

Any woman that wants to see inside a man's heart needs to read this book. Any husband wanting a blueprint for a 'man's man' cannot afford to pass this story up. 

Wisdom beyond what the world offers, along with the most realistic and accurate portrayal ever of the unseen manipulation over our lives, earns this book reviews like, "Scary", "Too Real!", "Wept and Laughed, then changed my life!" and more.... 

The first book in the Thunder Trilogy, "A Name Like Thunder" will be one of the most influential reads of your life. Brilliantly written by Lee Goff, you will enter a world you've known about, but knew too little. That, along with your view of marriage, is going to change with this book.