It Can Happen To You

General Fiction

By Phette Ogburn

Publisher : Phette L. Ogburn

ABOUT Phette Ogburn

Phette Ogburn
Born in Wayne, Michigan, when she was little, Phette Ogburn dreamt of becoming a secretary. She would watch in awe as her mother adroitly tapped the keys of the typewriter without looking. After over ten years in the secretarial field and reaching a typing speed as high as 97 gwpm, Phette  More...



The first installment in the It Can Happen To You series features three short stories: S & M: Sexts & Messaging, The ID and Organized Karma. Come follow Sabra, Nya and LaTrease on their journeys as they cope with issues of loneliness, lust, sex, betrayal, deceit and love.

It Can Happen To You is a collection of short stories, written at different times in my life. Each one not only tells a story, but also teaches a lesson.

Tanesha Wells on Aug. 31, 2011 : starstarstarstar
It CAN happen to you! Phette Ogburn takes you on a dramatic journey of love, lust, and loss. Her characters offer that realism that bring stories to life. The boldness of Kenzu, Nya's burden of truth, and po' round the way Destinee. This book will leave your mouth watering and wanting for more. I'm waiting for volume 2!

It starts innocently enough. A simple hello, a comment about a post or picture and suddenly you find yourself engrossed in a stimulating conversation with a perfect stranger. It’s all perfectly innocent. Matching wits with someone who stimulates you intellectually can be both arousing and thought provoking. Picture such a scenario as Author Phette Ogburn relates a real life experience in, S & M: Sexts & Messaging, one of three short stories in her newly released book, “It can happen to you.” -JM Collins of SSW Magazine