Evil UnLtd Vol 2: From Evil With Love

Science Fiction & Fantasy, Humor

By Simon Forward

Publisher : Galaxy Six Broadcasting

ABOUT Simon Forward

Simon Forward
Born in Penzance in 1967. From the age of about three I was probably dreaming of writing for Doctor Who. Certainly it wasn't a case of just watching it: I'd go to bed with all sorts of adventures and story possibilities buzzing around in my head. From the age of eleven, I knew, wheneve More...


The Farce Of The Dark Side. Villains are the new Heroes in this Epic Sci Fi Adventure.

Sequels. Every villain wants one, but sinister uber-genius, Dexter Snide, demands one.

Evil UnLtd are out to fox the galaxy's viewing public with their very own TV broadcasting network, nested in the branches of the star-faring Tree. But the Tree has needs. Needs that spell disaster for Evil's plans and one unsuspecting (formerly idyllic) world.

The challenge for Dexter and his colleagues in crime will be to ensure that disaster isn't confined to just the one world. A task made tougher when they all die in the first chapter.

But even after their deaths, questions remain: Will piscine spy, Salmon Templar, find any weapons of mass destruction? Has the ultra-bureaucratic System finally defeated Evil UnLtd and will they complete all the necessary paperwork in time? And will the hordes of minion hopefuls make it past boot camp to the judges' houses?

All this and the one big question you're asking yourself: Did the author write a decent sequel? Well, do ya feel lucky? Do ya?

Second in the Evil UnLtd series