Any Means to An End - The Lost Diaries of Richard Buchanan

General Fiction

By Andrew R Welsh

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ABOUT Andrew R Welsh

Andrew R Welsh
Author, Science teacher and educational consultant.



Diaries are uncovered detailing the life and times of Richard Buchanan. He is an English Navy officer leading a gang of sailors through the blue water Caribbean to the grey of the Baltic. They wreak havoc on enemy shipping, pirates and those who act outside the law. Donating their prizes to the Crown they are welcomed back to the fold and entrusted with more missions. Finding intrigue, murder and romance along the way, will Richard ever settle down in his beloved South Shields?

York 1990. It was at a St. Johns’ College Rowing Club meal at The Merchant Venturers’ Hall, that my imagination was fired. What was the Company of Merchant Venturers? They were merchants who went on voyages around northern Europe to buy and sell cargoes, bringing back to York these exotic goods – such as furs. A venture was a risk. They were taking risks. It’s where we get the term venture capital today. Someone puts this money at risk by investing in a new idea. Their coat of arms carries the motto “Dieu nous donne bonne aventure,” which I have since thought of as something one can live by, “God, give us good fortune”, or as I mistranslated it, “God, give us a good adventure!” The idea of placing one’s savings and wealth into a voyage and setting off at the mercy of the elements seemed to be incredibly brave. Anyone going off to sea is very brave in my opinion. I wanted to write a story that reflected the unpredictability of the sea.

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As you all know, the second prize winner of the Rosetta Literary Contest was Mr. Andrew Welsh. He is the author of many titles such as:
White Sands, Green Trees
Teaching Overseas - A Short Guide
and Any Means to an End
Any means to an End is the prequel to Protective Craft, the book we proofread and designed the cover for.
We enjoyed deeply working with Mr. Welsh throughout the whole process and were very proud of our final product! His writing was delightful to proofread and we believe we managed to maintain the continuity with the series in the book cover we designed for him.
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