The Falcon Project

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By Gabriel Timar

Publisher : Silver Shield (Dare Empire eMedia Productions)

ABOUT Gabriel Timar

Gabriel Timar
I write to entertain my readers and myself, although unintentionally hide my outrageous philosophy behind the fast paced action.

All my novels start with the creation of  a character. Then I set his/her destiny, and drop him/her into realistic surroundings even if the story is  More...



It was a space mission to Mars, a simple exploration and surveying mission. Until a catastrophic accident changed everything. The mission was then secret, but that wasn't the secret...

The Falcon Project tells the tale of a space crew in peril, and a government agency that will do anything in their power to cover it up.

The Murder, The Betrayal, The Lies, The Cover Up
The Secret...

The Falcon Project will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Discover the Secret for yourself..