Romance, General Fiction, Classics

By G.B Hobson

Publisher : Silver Shield (Dare Empire eMedia Productions)

ABOUT G.B Hobson

G.B Hobson
I am an ancient old biddie who writes short stories and novels. (Some say they are 'steamy' but I guess that depends on how hot you like your shower! I was once a dress designer, then a teacher. Now I write full time.
I have been a successful dress designer, teacher, plus a lay minis More...



Edencroft’s renovated boathouse, central to a new business venture, bursts into flames. Charles now realises just how far his rival Robert, the renowned entrepreneur, garment manufacturer and seducer of women, is prepared to go in his sadistic game of winner takes all.
Charlie’s womenfolk — wife, daughter and niece — are already under Robert’s erotic spell. Are the schemes of a dangerous antagonist more powerful than integrity and patience?
Compelling reading:
Checkmate is a tour de force of the strengths and weaknesses between members of two powerful families. It is the English Lake District’s own Dallas only with more three-dimensional characters.
As a romance novel, you’ll need asbestos gloves to read these fiery pages. It is far more than eroticism: it is a perceptive and insightful exploration of a family’s relationships, lusts and passions. In amongst the wily machinations there is also humour.