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Misty Reigenborn
Misty Reigenborn is the author of ten current titles:  romance novels A Twist of Fate, Crestview Academy: Tory, Crestview Academy: Molli, Girls of Gabe's Place 1: Brandy, and Girls of Gabe's Place 2: Jessica, erotic romance short story collection This Song Reminds Me of You, poetry coll More...



Mind Over Matter: Ariel Fletcher is 17 years old. She has a loving family and what she considers to be the world's best boyfriend. She wants to be a writer and plans to marry her boyfriend Adam, after graduation. But then the unexpected happens to this teenage girl after the darkness from her mother's past comes back to light in an unexpected way.

Ariel has an older half sister and four older half brothers. They were removed from the custody of Ariel's mother and her ex husband and their parental rights were terminated. Now Summer, Ariel's sister, has had her children removed by Child Protective Services as well. Everyone is devastated, but then a blessing comes in an unexpected form when Summer's CPS worker dies and her children are returned.

But Ariel believes that she is responsible for the death. Can a seventeen year old girl really take the lives of those who have harmed her family with her mind? Can she learn to live with herself if she can? Will her family or Adam ever look at her the same way again? Will the killing stop or is Ariel doomed to the painful headaches and deaths that she can't seem to control?