You Don't Have To Hurt Anymore

Health, Mind & Body

By Cindy Sellers

Publisher : Self-Published

ABOUT Cindy Sellers

Cindy Sellers
Cindy Sellers. became a colon hydro therapist because in 1983 she and her  husband were in a car accident. She was 3 months pregnant and had one child 14 months old. She had incurred serious injuries to her back. Her pain worsened until, in 1989, she had reached the end of my stren More...



This book is for all of you who are on the path to a more conscious life and lifestyle.

Have you ever wondered what to eat to be healthy? And why?  Have you ever wondered what your spleen is for? Do you understand what causes diabetes, cancer, and headaches? 
Did you know the liver does 535 different functions including regulation of your blood pressure, cholesterol, and sugar?
Have you ever felt unwanted and alone? 

Learn About Your Phenomenal Body, Techniques To Quiet Your Mind, Tools For A Healthier Pain Free Life, And Remember Who You Are.

This book contains tools to help you in your journey of transformation of yourself and your world.YOU are the one the world has been waiting for!