ABOUT Katrina Joyner

Katrina Joyner
My hair is a meter long.



Finnbhear is a young boy without a father. He loves his mother but there's a bitter part of him and all he wants to do is sit in his favorite tree hole and sulk.

One day his best friend, a fairy named Kegal, gives him a special offer. Finnbhear must undertake a quest to cut off the tail of the old troll that lives in a cave nearby. If he succeeds and presents it to the Brown Man, he can become a fairy like Kegal. Then he could run away with his best friend and never have another care in the world...

After ten years I managed to finish polishing and publish the great mess that is my first published novel, Black Wolf Silver Fox. You'd think it would have been over for me, as far as that made up world went. I never meant for it to have a sequel. However, my characters had other plans and one of them "decided" he wanted to talk about his childhood. Which old men like to do on occasion. A Troll's Tail is me allowing him to do just that.