Tortuga Gold, A Mayday Salvage and Rescue Adventure

General Fiction

By Wes Demott

Publisher : Admiral House Publishing

ABOUT Wes Demott

wes demott
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Now in print. 

Clive Cussler and John D. MacDonald fans are finding a new guilty pleasure in Taz Keaton and his crew, so throw your sea bag aboard Wasafiri in this first book in the Mayday Salvage and Rescue adventure series. 

Tortuga Gold is a fun action story that follows Taz Keaton’s fast adventures after he rejects his wealthy lifestyle and starts Mayday Salvage and Rescue in search of excitement. After Taz and his two partners race the Panamanian National Police to recover a metal case from the wreckage of a private jet in a muddy river, they meet a man with a coin from an historic but never recovered Spanish shipment that vanished in 1715.  From there the adventure rolls from modern day pirates to blood-sucking leeches, exploding yachts to beautiful international competitors and a sea battle with the legendary Black beard himself. This is the first novel in a series involving Taz and Mayday Salvage and Rescue.


As a long-time storyteller, I recently turned my attention from thrillers to the Clive Cussler type of adventure story, determined to combine the discovery and history of Clive's books with the entertaining action of the movies. I know Panama pretty well and enjoy Bocas del Toro a lot. I also love boating, and have sailed the Intracoastal Waterway from the Chesapeake to the Florida Keys. So I knew it would be fun to start Tortuga Gold with the Panamanian National Police chasing Taz Keaton and the Mayday Salvage and Rescue team up a muddy jungle river. From there it cruises to Key West, where I've thrown back far too many shots and free-dove for dozens of lobsters, and then onto Beaufort, NC, the place Blackbeard the Pirate called home and I very nearly did as well (and still might).

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S.M. (SC) 2/18/2012 6:27 PM
Download TORTUGA GOLD by Wes DeMott to your kindle or nook, which ever you have. Wes is a 1970 grad of PAHS, and former FBI agent. He has 7 published books, some of which are also printed in foreign languages. If you google Wes' name, you can find his other works. TORTUGA GOLD mixes some history from the 18th century with today's issues of pirates. Others hold you with events of spies and love stories.
creekirishlass (amazon US) 2/15/2012 11:00 AM
From the very first paragraph, Wes draws you into a world of adventure with Taz and his motley crew! This was a wonderful escape, but may be challenged to look into the mirror, take a leap and start living. As Taz says, "To Adventure..." This book is for the restless soul who knows there is something more out there. It has inspired me to become "one of those rare and beautiful souls with the courage to seek it!" Cheers Wes!!! Can't wait for the next adventure!
My New Guilty Pleasure
obxislandgal (amazon US) 2/15/2012 10:59 AM
What a fun read! This story is a glorious celebration of the lives and adventures of a crew of adventurers operating together as the Mayday Salvage and Rescue Team. The band is led by Taz, a billionaire with little personal regard for money and a penchant for eating Oreos while pondering resolutions to difficult situations. He is delightfully reminiscent of Travis McGee, an old John D. McDonald character, but with a modern day twist. The story is fast-paced and exciting, and the characters are fleshed out in a way that leaves the reader not just wanting to hear more of their adventures, but to also become part of the team. This reader was particularly impressed with the fact the the writer resisted portraying an older woman that was assisting the team as a caricature-like little blue-haired lady and instead developed her into a vibrant and feisty woman of substance that mildly flirted and became a pleasing part of the story. More adventures for Mayday Salvage please, Mr. DeMott, and quickly!
All Action Adventure Story, great read.
DS (Florida) 2/15/2012 10:58 AM
If you like Clive Cussler and John D. MacDonald, then you'll find more fun, action, exotic locales, great characters and pleasure in DeMott's newest release, Tortuga Gold. Tortuga Gold (A Mayday Salvage and Rescue Adventure). The adventures of Taz Keaton and his crew would be a fun Hollywood action movie! If you have read DeMott's earlier novels, then you will quickly see that Tortuga Gold is a solid departure from the hard thrillers he used to write. This is the perfect beach read, or for that long red-eye flight. Or, more to the point, on a cruise ship, since it appears from the author bio that he was rescued off his own ship by a cruiseliner early 2011, while on his way from Florida to Mexico! I can't wait for the second in this series, with my new favorite adventurous crew. Next DeMott book on my to read list: his 4th thriller, The Typhoon Sanction The Typhoon Sanction, since I find he excels at thrillers, in particular his character development and the psychology behind their actions.