Glamour Ghost

ABOUT Mindy Ross

Mindy Ross
I'm a novelist who writes sexy, edgy fantasies.  My novel, "GLAMOUR GHOST" just hit Amazon at the beginning of February.  In 2007, my story, "Adopting Katie" was chosen for the Blessings column of Good Housekeeping.  The piece was subsequently published in a gift boo More...


Evidence on suggests that Marilyn Monroe was murdered and NOT by the Kennedys.  In my new novel, Glamour Ghost I explore what that night must have been like for her.  I got the idea thirty years ago when l lived in a studio apartment in the heart of Hollywood.  A dressing room was included which made me laugh.  Only in Tinsel Town would that be a necessity!  Rossmore Avenue was also known as "Mistress Row" because studios executives used to house their girlfriends there because Paramount Studios was right down the street.  I imagined who might have sat at the vanity to get ready for her big date.  Heck, it could have been Marilyn Monroe for all I knew.  I let my imagination run wild and the result is a book about a young journalist who moves to that apartment to find her missing friend and discovers the ghost of Marilyn Monroe living there.  Marilyn becomes her new bff and not only helps her find Piper, but helps her snag her boss, the richest guy in the country.