CALM FOCUS JOY: The Power of Breath Awareness - A Practical Guide for Adults and Children

CALM FOCUS JOY: The Power of Breath Awareness - A Practical Guide for Adults and Children

ABOUT Heidi Thompson

Heidi Thompson
Artist and teacher Heidi Thompsonhas practiced breath awareness for more than twenty-five years. After experiencing positive changes in her life, she developed Mindmastery - an attention-development program for children. Shortly thereafter, Mindmastery was featured on CBC Television, and T More...



Calm Focus Joy: The Power of Breath awareness teaches adults breath awareness and offers a ten-step program to teach breath awareness to children.
Calm Focus Joy Presents a Plainspoken, Clear Guide for Youth
Breath awareness dates back several thousands of years from a long line of meditation traditions including the Ancient Mayan, Ancient Egyptian, Indigenous tribes in the Third World, Buddhist and Hindu, and the First Nations people in North America. The book, “Calm Focus Joy” offers a basic breath meditation guide for adults and children that has adapted ancient practices into easy-to-follow, comprehensible lessons. These lessons are effective for helping children and adolescence cultivate their minds and gain power over themselves.
     Adolescence is a tumultuous time for any teenager. It is the time when brain neuroplasticity is most active. During the formative years, the brain is developing, changing, and being influenced by experience. Breath awareness can help strengthen the brain giving a young person more control over his or her emotional life—an ability to self-regulate sadness or anger to a calming restful place in the mind.  Meditation leads to feeling: “one’s self in another person’s shoes”. Practicing can increases empathy, which is strongly developed during adolescence. Learning to deal with life’s stressors early on is important and integral to a person’s mental health.
     “Calm Focus Joy” is an engaging, plainspoken, one-of-a-kind teaching guide that all children and teenagers should be exposed to. I recommend it to teachers and parents alike who wish to help their students and children.

Dr. Bob Chaudhuri, Psychotherapist and Medical Educator, University of Toronto. March 12, 2012