No Aliens or Swear Words, Just a Dozen Good Stories


By Patricia Longthorp

Publisher : Bookbaby

ABOUT Patricia Longthorp

Patricia Longthorp
My name is Patricia Longthorp and I have been writing as a hobby most of my life, mostly short stories, poetry, songs and essays.
I wrote a play with someone a long time ago and also helped my sister-in-law write a book about the disappearance of her son.
I am from England but More...


As the title implies, you will not find any aliens or swear words lurking in my stories.  (The only alien I like is ET)

My stories are about ordinary folk (if there is such a race) who live reasonably normal lives.  We all have incidents, problems and events in our lives which leave us different people after the event.

There are little twists and turns, ups and downs and humour in my stories which I hope will keep you entertained and touch your hearts.

I have been writing short stories for many years so decided to publish a dozen of them as an ebook. I read writing advice sites and blogs when I should be writing myself and am completely green as to protocol and have blundered through the process. I usually come across good advice and helpful information totally by accident. i.e. I came across this site when I was looking for information on Facebook´s author pages! (Hopefully to be set up soon) I understand that having a "platform" is necessary and that is what I am working on at the moment. My stories are fictional laced with a tinge of personal experience. Of course, I like them and hope others will too.