Fallen Angel

Science Fiction & Fantasy, Romance

By Levana Hyll

Publisher : createspace.com

ABOUT Levana Hyll

Levana Hyll
The youngest of eight children, Levana was creating stories before she could read or write by folding loose pieces of paper together and drawing pictures. By the time she reached her teens, she was writing romance for her high school friends. She currently lives in sunny south Florida with More...



The most beautiful Seraph ever born, Davariel is nothing but a vain, spoiled brat. Lust and sin cause the Seraph to fall from grace, becoming a terrifying demon, bent on the destruction of all creation. The FALLEN ANGEL searches for the perfect virginal sacrifice to open the gates of Hell. He finds his prize in the Edenian Master Guardian, Luciel Ngyuen. Luciel is furious that Davariel has stooped to underhanded methods to capture her. Tasked with destroying the FALLEN ANGEL, she uses his greatest weakness-sexual temptation- to entice him to lower his guard so she can kill him...at least that was her plan. After tasting forbidden pleasures in Davariel's arms, she discovers he's only a puppet slave to his demon masters, and resolves to save him. Davariel, completely smitten with his fiery captive, decides to ruin her for the sacrifice, though it means facing the wrath of the demons afterwards. His plan to save her backfires. The people who sent her to kill him now hunt her...and his newborn twins. They were mortal enemies...they weren't supposed to fall in love. Now Heaven and Hell want them dead. Can their love be their salvation...or their eternal damnation?

Fallen Angel began as a pile of referance notes I had When I started writing the Alpha Angels series. The first book, started in 1988, after a wierd dream I'd had I rewrote in 2010. It took me two weeks to write the whole thing. Afterwords, I continued with Angel of Retribution, Golden Angel, and then Dark Angel. The next book was supposed to be Angel of redemption, but I decided to take a break, knowing that Angel of Redemption was going to be a toughy emotionally because it dealt with sexual abuse. Going over my notes, I began to think how great telling Davariel and Luciel's story would be and wrote it as an experiment. The story captivated me totally and When the time to publish came, the sixth book was released first as FALLEN ANGEL. It was originally released in the summer of 2010, after a major surgery I had and sold extremely well. After two years, I uploaded it partially on the literotica website where it gained popularity. Based on suggestions I recieved from readers, I revised FALLEN ANGEL, focusing more in the opening scenes on Davariel's point of view and reinserting the sensual scenes I'd taken out the first time out of (ahem) embarassment. I thought the scenes were too racey. Still do, but what the heck. It's erotica ;)