It's Not My Mountain Anymore

It's Not My Mountain Anymore

ABOUT Its Not My Mountain Anymore By Barbara Woodall

Its Not My Mountain Anymore by Barbara Woodall
I am a 7th generation Appalachian living in the North Georgia Mountains and a Foxfire Book veteran.   I wrote "It's Not My Mountain Anymore" to share a vanished culture.  It contains no $5.00 words--just plain talk.  Amazon 5 Star



Appalachian reality, real and honest. 

5 Star Amazon. Best Selller

The seed for "It's Not My Mountain Anymore" was planted 40 years ago as a young Foxfire student in a tiny mountain high school. I share first-hand accounts of mountain living and how the mountains have changed. Giant pastures we once called our own to roam, hunt and fish began to shrink with outside ownership. No Trespassing signs and security gates went up. We don't know our neighbor anymore. I am a proud veteran of the famous Foxfire Books. Foxfire is celebrating 45 years as a chief recorder of Appalachian culture. Currently there are over nine-million Foxfire books in print. Not bad for a bunch of ragged kids with hillbilly wrote all over us. I'd be honored to share It's Not My Mountain Anymore with you. It's filled with appreciation, love and loss that will moistens eyes.

"Your writing is truly wonderful. It's full of emotion without ever crossing the line into sap, and I think I'm a little in love with your mother as she is portrayed here--WHAT A VOICE!   I felt you captured the rhythm of the mountains, its people and its traditions with resonant sensitivity."...Andrea Robinson, Random House Editor

" A novel full of passion, soul and powerful writing..."  Madison Hinshaw, Appalachian Voice

"One of the best collections of Appalachian-isms I ever came across...Ina Hughs, Knoxville News Sentinel