The Nine Lives of Clemenza

General Fiction, Religion & Spirituality

By Holly Christine

Publisher : Holly Christine

ABOUT Holly Christine

Holly Christine
Holly Christine is the author of The Nine Lives of Clemenza, a spiritual novel, and Retail Ready, a novel about one hellacious work-week in retail. She majored in English and Philosophy at Washington & Jefferson College and enjoys writing, reading and watching Lost. She resides in Pitt More...


If you were able to choose what form of life you would live, what would you be? The Nine Lives of Clemenza explores the realms of spirituality and reincarnation. It introduces the possibility that as complex souls, we choose our lives, thus giving us the ultimate capability of free will. Clemenza starts out as a new soul in heaven, contemplating what form of life she will take to begin her journey. God grants each new soul nine lives, provided they bring back a moral lesson learned. Clemenza is diverse in her choices, exploring every facet of existence from air to the northern lights to a human being. Roles are reversed and souls intertwine during Clemenza’s many lives, as she learns the meaning and importance of pain, grief, loss, love and passion.
In her stories the author highlights the importance of love, compassion and selflessness; she teaches people to transform into better human beings, to help others and try to become less selfish. A useful read by all means! ~Liana Metal

Holly Christine is a clearly spirited and inventive writer and she finds unique ways to describe her subject.~ Henry Baum

...while Clemenza’s story is one of enlightenment, it is full of actions and consequences that could be applicable in most people’s lives. ~Phil Owens

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