Real Immortals

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John Montgomery
John T. Montgomery is a Professional Manager and member of the ACFW.  He first started writing at age seventeen for his high school newspaper. He lives with Nelly, his wife of 32-years in beautiful Lawrenceburg Indiana.  John’s passion is to create a series of fantasy/fiction novels ba More...




The woman before me was visibly shaking as she looked into my eyes for the first time since leaving me on the doorstep of my sanctuary.  Tears were rolling down her cheeks, and she was having difficulty facing me.  I felt the hurt, just as she did.  It was so deep it caused her to falter and turn away from me. I reached out my hand to her and spoke a single word.


She turned back to face me again with tears streaming down her face.  When she saw my hand, it gave her strength.  She reached out and took it, and immediately her legs stopped trembling.  I slowly pulled her to my chest and wrapped my arms gently around her.  She melted into my embrace and held on tight. 


I didn’t know the real reason why Molock’s father was sending him to Israel, and I didn’t care.  All I knew was that if Molock was involved, then Legion would not be far behind.   I still had to be extra careful while tracking him because not only was he a very capable Nephilim, there were also those annoying special abilities of his that I needed to worry about.  He could see my light aura, so I would need to conceal my powers and keep plenty of distance between us. 

            Secondly, he had an unusual gift for sensing immortal activity.  His reputation was well-deserved for foiling the best-laid Seraphim plans, and he had done so on many occasions.  He could sense demonic activity as well, and that came in very handy to his father who had many enemies.  If Legion trusted anyone on the planet, it was Molock.  I picked up his trail at LAX International Airport and after learning his flight was to Jerusalem, I teleported Cleo and myself on ahead to Ben Gurion. 

We waited for him just outside Jerusalem.  Ben Gurion was the only international airport in Israel, which made things a lot easier for us to prepare and plan for his arrival.  If we were to foil whatever mission, he was on, we would need all our skills to stay concealed.  That’s why I decided to bring Cleo along as added insurance. Like all demons and Nephilim Molock preferred to do all of his dirty work at night.   

“There he is Cleo.  I can see his dark aura a mile away.  Isabel’s report says that Molock’s strength rivals that of my own.  His physical features are obviously handed down from his father because he is tall, incredibly muscular with that overcast demonic looking skin color.  Dark hair worn in a butch cut with squared-off cheek bones like a muscle builder on steroids.  Chestnut brown eyes rounded out his facial features.  Boy Isabel doesn’t miss much does she Cleo?”

We picked up his trail as he left the airport and tracked him to an archeological dig site just outside the walls of Jerusalem.  It was one o’clock in the morning, and he was moving in and out of a make-shift tent city like a thief in the night.  I couldn’t sense any other demonic presence anywhere in the area.  

I let my senses extend out into the tent areas to see if I could find the source of Molock’s interest.  I soon identified three mortals in a tent on the far side of the ruins.  Two appeared to be adults and one a very small child. 

“Oh my God Cleo…He’s after the humans!  We’ve got to stop him now!” 

I closed the distance between us in a matter of seconds, but it was too late.  A male and female were already dead lying upon the dirt floor, and Molock stood over an infant's crib with weapon in hand.  I didn’t waste another thought; I threw myself at him.  He turned away at the very last second, and side stepped my blow, but I adjusted much quicker than he had anticipated and ended up catching him on the shoulder with my blow knocking us both through the tent wall and out into the ruins.  We rolled and came up on our feet ready to fight.

“Well…well I knew it would take a very special immortal to track me, but I didn’t expect Michael to send the great Breanna, leader of the Citadel.  Once again, Seraphim is too late and my mission is practically complete.  Would you like me to finish the child before, or after I destroy you?” 

I summoned my sword and shield and looked for an opening to attack. 

“I may not have been able to save the two humans, but I assure you this child will see no harm and you Molock will never kill another human after this night.  I swear to God!” 

I knew I could more than handle Molock’s immense strength.  I was faster, more experienced and my immortal strength was formidable.  I could also heal myself in battle.  He would undoubtedly be taking damage during the fight, and be unable to heal himself.  All I needed to do was to chip away at his strength until I wore him down.  It might take some time, but I was confident I would defeat him.  My sword ‘Trusted’ came crashing down with enough force to destroy a small building. 

“Is that all you got Breanna?  At least make it a challenge for me.”

“We’re just getting started young one.  I’ll be the last being you see on this earth I promise you that.”

Molock blocked my blow, but it wasn’t as easy as he made out.  He countered with a barrage of dark energy sword and shield blows that pushed me to the limits of my strength.  Our hits were so powerful the shock waves started loosening some of the larger boulders on the outer Wailing Wall.  I could hear them starting to fall and realized we could inadvertently destroy thousands of years of human history.  I let my wings unfold and took flight.

“Come now Breanna you can’t be leaving our little party so soon?”

“On the contrary, I’m just giving you more room to make a fool of yourself.  Or are you too scared to follow?”

He followed me out into the desert sand.  In my haste to get him away from the wall I inadvertently flew right past a drunken Israeli national.  There was no time for me to go back and clear his memory, so I was forced to fly on leaving him running wildly for the nearest police station.  I managed to put enough distance between us, and the wall before Molock became belligerent again.

“Enough of this flying about Breanna, come down so we can finish this.  After I’m done with you, I still have a long flight back to Los Angeles.”

Turning suddenly I swooped down with such speed; he was totally unprepared for my attack.  I slammed my shield ‘Life Giver’ into his chest spinning it fast enough to create a vortex tumbling him across the sand.  He recovered quickly and traded me blow for blow.


            “But Rav-Nitzav I swear to you; she was floating across the sand like a beautiful apparition.  There was an evil looking young man chasing her, and he was yelling for her to come down and fight with him.”

            “Come now Idio you don’t actually expect me to believe that wild imagination of yours do you?  You saw a beautiful woman just floating in the air outside our walls.  And being chased by an evil-looking man no less?  I think you should go back to that spot outside the wall and finish sleeping it off.  If you are lucky you might even dream about her again.”

            “Rav-Nitzav I only had a few drinks this evening and besides my mind could never have imagined such a woman!  Beautiful curly black hair, golden skin and those eyes!  She was the most amazing vision of loveliness I have ever seen in all my years.  You must send some of your men out into the sand to find and protect her before that evil man can harm her.”

            “Idio my friend if this woman can fly I’m sure she has nothing to fear from a man chasing her on the ground.  Go back to your sleeping spot and peace be with you.”     


            I pressed my attacks and kept the pressure on so all Molock could do was defend himself.  Cleo did her part and surprised him with a strong talon strike when she joined the battle.  I followed up with a sword attack charged with light energy.  It sent him sprawling to the ground and visibly shook his dark aura.

Letting his dark shield energy release, he started using a two-handed sword attack to try to overpower me.  I wasn’t taken by surprise.  On the contrary, I expected it.  I waited patiently for him to realize my plan and adjust accordingly.  I was rather amazed that he never seemed to understand my attack strategy until it was too late.  The only thing I needed to do was go into a defensive posture until he burned himself out.  My superior speed and agility would soon seal his fate. 

“What’s the matter Molock?  I’m not quite as easy to hit as you thought?  It looks to me like your power is beginning to fade a bit.”

“Breanna you and your bird are like a couple of pesky little mosquitos.  I’m just having trouble swatting you.”

“I think you’ll find we’re more like wasps than mosquitos, and you are getting stung a little too often my young friend.”

I channeled an overly large amount of light energy into Trusted and using my wings for extra lift I came crashing down with all the force I could muster.  The blow destroyed his aura of protection and cracked his dark armor.  Molock was now vulnerable to a killing blow.  Sensing the battle would soon be over, he channeled what was left of his energy into his sword and lunged for my chest.  I sidestepped the blow and knocked the blade harmlessly out of his hands.  It dissipated soon as it hit the ground.  I started to move in and finish him off, but before I could act a huge demon immortal appeared between the two of us.  To my astonishment, it was none other than Legion himself and the look in his eyes could mean only one thing…my imminent destruction!


“You’ll not be ending my son’s life today Breanna…your time on earth as a Seraphim has come to an end!” 

  Physically intimidating was an understatement when it came to describing Legion.  He was thickly muscled with a street brawlers frame.  His hair was dark black, cut short and squared to match his facial features.  He was ruggedly handsome with piercing black eyes that showed no distinction between pupil and iris.  I saw him in his true demonic form.  His dark aura was dense and gloomy.  A black soul made his facial features look even more ominous.  The outlines of his wings were no longer a feathery form but rather that of toughened skin over bone.  His eyes looked as if they were ablaze, and a real fire was consuming them.  Heavenly armor that once shone brightly no longer shimmered with the power of light.   It was now infused with dark energy.  Cross insignia's that once decorated and protected his helmet and armor were replaced with symbols of the Fallen. 

Cleo dove straight down for Legion’s face trying to give me time to retreat.  He barely noticed her attack, flicking her away as if she were a fly.  He then turned his blood chilling gaze back toward me.  I sensed his true capabilities and realized there was little hope of surviving.  He towered over my small frame and unlike Molock; he possessed all the power and skill necessary to crush me.  I knew him as one of the most powerful angelic warriors in heaven.  Since being banished to earth he had traveled down the path of darkness becoming twisted and evil.  Much more dangerous than when I knew him before. 

“My son will you survive?”

“Yes father, I’ll heal just fine long as you finish her off.”

“Rest then my son while I exact retribution for your wounds.”

Legion was further enraged at the sight of his son’s condition.  He was determined to destroy me quickly.  I had little time to think.  I knew my only hope was to stay focused and keep him at a distance.  It took time for me to teleport out and I knew he would never give me that time.  I sensed he was preparing to attack so I began summoning a powerful barrier just as he rushed towards me.  He summoned his sword as he closed the distance to strike.  I prayed my barrier would form in time and that it would be strong enough to take the impact.  Just as Legion’s sword was inches from me I felt my barrier form.  The impact from legion’s dark blade and my light barrier created a shock wave that resonated like thunder.  I focused on the barrier and pushed it out to force Legion back.

I felt relieved.  I had survived the first blow but refocused to prepare for the next.  I put so much power into the barrier I would need to wait longer before I could teleport out.  Keeping Legion at bay was literally sucking the life out of me.

He stopped and stared at my barrier as if he were studying it.  I could sense he was looking for a weak spot.  I knew he would strike again, and that it would be with more power than the first blow.  My future was looking dimmer by the second.  I racked my brain to come up with a way to keep him at bay long enough for me to escape.  Then it came to me.  Cleo's thoughts started ringing inside my head.  She recovered and was back on her feet.  With her help, I thought of a way to keep Legion's mind occupied.  I would keep him focused on keeping his son alive instead of trying to destroy me.  If the plan worked I would be able to keep him busy for a few precious minutes.  I could then teleport out avoid the anger of his wrath.

Legion came at me with twice the ferocity but this time, I lured him back far enough away from Molock for Cleo to attack. He heard Molock yell in pain and rushed back to protect him.  Cleo was circling them from above so I let the barrier release to conserve my power.  Legion’s eyes burned with hatred for me.  They almost froze me in my tracks.   I sensed his power level spike upward for a brief second and then he was on me.  I barely had time to get my barrier up before his sword struck home.  He hammered away at my only defense with blow after blow.  I put all the energy I had left into the barrier just to keep him from destroying it.

Cleo saw that I was about to lose the barrier, so she dove for Molock to get Legion off of me.  Before she could make good on her attack, he instantly teleported back and literally ran her over like a diesel truck.  She crashed into the ground a few yards away and lay there unmoving.  My energy had finally returned enough to teleport out but Cleo was unconscious.  I watched in horror as Legion moved in to finish her off.  I wasn’t about to let that happen even if it killed me.  Instead of leaving I teleported right to Cleo and put all the power I had left into my barrier.  At the very least, it would keep us safe for a little while longer.  Unfortunately, Legion had another idea.  He starting his final assault and within seconds, my barrier was gone.  Just as he was about to finish me off another figure appeared at my side…it was Michael!  He blocked Legion’s blow with his sword ‘Truth’ and held his ground as light and dark energy collided with a power so strong it knocked me off my feet.  I watched in amazement as these two titans, good vs. evil squared off to do battle.  The ground shook around me as each behemoth strained to gain a physical advantage.  They pressed against each other with the force of a dozen bulldozers.


“Legion…if it’s retribution you seek I’m more than willing to oblige.  I believe you can set this one out Breanna.”

I picked myself up off the ground and breathed a very large sigh of relief.  My senses went into overdrive trying to calculate who had the advantage going into round one.  Their first display of strength knocked me down.  Could my senses be playing tricks on me or were these two goliaths actually capable of keeping their power levels hidden from even me? 

I have always been fascinated by a good fantasy/fiction book. Many start out good but then end up disappointing me by becoming unbelievable. My thought of a good book is one that excites and stimulates the imagination. I want it to be exciting but more importantly believable. Everything needs to flow but also make good sense. Real Immortals is my first attempt at stretching the mind, making sense, and creating a fantasy world people can believe exists. Even for just a few hours or days. Real Immortals is a story about Stephen James & Leah Mitchell, two young lovers who have been raised by angels since they were toddlers. Having been separated from their human parents shortly after birth each is adopted and raised by their immortal parents. Stephen’s origin is shrouded in mystery while Leah’s is a product of direct intervention after her parents are brutally murdered by a demonic half-breed. Growing up in such close proximity to their incredibly powerful parents produces some inexplicable and astonishing side effects. At 8-years old, they start displaying gifts and abilities never seen before. They are both inducted into paladin training and soon a new breed of healer & warrior are born. Meanwhile, Legion, the most dangerous demon immortal on the planet plots to gain an advantage over his nemesis the Archangel Michael. After years of disappointment, he is now dangerously close to finding a weapon capable of defeating Michael in open combat. His goal…to defeat Michael, destroy Seraphim and change his destiny as a Fallen.