ParkCrest View - The Love Chronicles


By Candace Mumford

Publisher : A.N.C.Media Publishing

ABOUT Candace Mumford

Candace Mumford
Candace Mumford is an Alaska raised daughter,sister,mother,lover and friend like so many of her friends and readers alike. Working full-time in mental health for the last fifteen years.Candace has found several ways of nurturing,releasing and fostering her creative energy.The main one  More...



The residents at ParkCrest View is a community where drama seems to be the norm for these residents. With each volume the author creates, we get to know a few more residences and watch as their life unfolds. Though we are reading about the residents, the story mainly revolves around Jazzlyn and her friends. The main characters in this story are Jazzlyn, Trevonne, Darien, Tyson, Jevon, Sherica, and Trendi aka Trenton.


Vol. 1
In volume 1 we met and got to know Jazzlyn . She resides at ParkCrest View. She also lives with her lazy, won't find a job, always out, and sneaking boyfriend named, Darien. Unable to put up with Darien anymore, Jazzlyn makes a choice. Along with Jazzlyn's drama, her best friend Trevonne has a secret of her own that might ruin her relationship with Jazzlyn. This volume was about getting to know the characters and the secrets lurking below the surface, friends betraying each other, boyfriend not acting right and meeting someone new.

Vol. 2
Jazzlyn has made her choice in regards to Darien, but she also finds herself having feelings for Tyson. Tyson is new to ParkCrest View and although he's white, he keeps his background guarded. This volume is also about confronting an ex and friends, as what's done in the dark finally comes to light. We also got to meet more of the characters of ParkCrest View.

In volume 3 while getting into the swing of new romances and new relationships forming, something violent happens to one of the residents of ParkCrest View that has everyone coming together. They all band together to help but not without drama unfolding.

Vol. 4
In volume 4, it's all about meeting the family and first impressions. Jazzlyn and Tyson is trying to further their relationship, however, Jazzlyn's family is not too pleased when they meet Tyson. Also, the other residents are trying to move on after a tragic act.

This wasn't a bad story for me; I definitely felt I was reading the hood version of Melrose Place, which isn't a bad thing. I thought the characters were interesting and periodically we get to read different story lines as it pertains to each character. The one thing that disappoints me a bit about Tyson and Jazzlyn's relationship is that I wanted more from them physically. Though I am enjoying the story, drama, and relationships, I'm not sure if I will be reading volume 5. I would like to see a conclusion to the residents; I think everyone has had their share of drama.

ParkCrest View- The Love Chronicles is a book series that centers around the lives of some of the residents of this community and some of their crazy friends and family. How well do YOU know your neighbors ?