ABOUT Daisy Rain Martin

Daisy Rain Martin
Having overcome an abusive childhood, Daisy  now lives a rich and peaceful life with her husband and son writing in the Northwest.


The juxtaposition that is Daisy Rain Martin stems from being raised in a show business family in the bright lights of Las Vegas and simultaneously attempting to navigate her way out of an abusive, ultra-conservative, religious home. She answers the question so many ask: If I were to get in touch with my spiritual side and embark on a path with God, would I have to look like all those… church people? Daisy invites us on her pilgrimage, divulges to us her confessions and assures us that we may overcome adversity to become the very embodiment of peace and health and love in a broken world. Young adult to middle aged women will be drawn to this memoir particularly if they have had similar issues with abuse simply because of the abounding hope that is offered throughout. This book will also appeal to people of either gender, especially those who work with women and children marginalized by poverty, abuse and domestic violence.
"Articulate and unapologetic, Daisy's voice is both hilarious and heart wrenching—and never compromised. She delights because she loves." —New York Times best-selling author, Dr. Donna K. Wallace