A Preacher's Trick

General Fiction

By Winter Giovanni

Publisher : Infinity Publishing Group, LLC.

ABOUT Winter Giovanni

Winter Giovanni
Mrs. Giovanni is Founder and CEO of Infinity Publishing Group, LLC. formally known as Infinity Publications. ¬†She is best selling author of "The Rise and Fall of a Hustler I & II" and has written five novels to date and currently working on sixth novel. Mrs. Giovanni now has More...



Lacy Stevenson is a faithful member of one of Atlanta's Mega churches, Mt.Zion AME. Pastor Warren McBeth is one of the youngest pastors to run a multi-million dollar mega church at the age of 35 years old with over 25,000 members. Both gets thrust into a sea of mass destruction when one is caught up in federal indictments of conspiracy, murder, bank fraud, money laundering, wire fraud, and prostitution! No one can be trusted and where is God when you need him? Lacy finds that love doesn't conquer after all. In fact, L.O.V.E. stands for life of vicious enemies as she quickly finds out. She soon falls in love then she asks herself is he is the ONE? What she doesn't know is that even men of the cloak can be very deceiving but when an investigation of her church is launched, she finds that she's right in the middle of the drama. But when some of her congregation members get arrested, she soon finds out that she was being used as a pawn in this game of tricks. Now her life is on the line, people that she thought she could trust went bust, and now she finds out she s pregnant! Who is the father? Now threats are being promised to her if she keeps the baby. Black mail become embedded on her tongue and then backfires in her face. Will Lacy get her life back or will she just lie down and play dead?
Winter Giovanni and Drica Armstrong put the capital S in Spinning out of control in this mind blowing masterpiece, A Preacher's Trick -Daddy Rich, bestselling author of Mack's Revenge...All Hell Breaks Loose! --Daddy Rich

A Preacher's Trick will have you flipping every page of this heart wrenching, tale twisting novel of betrayals and deceits unimaginable! The Ghost, author of Cold Blooded...The New Year s Day Massacre and Tales from Da Hood with Nikki Turner. --The Ghost