Living Well Without Salt

Health, Mind & Body

By Donald Gazzaniga

Publisher : Arrowhead Classics Publishing Company

ABOUT Donald Gazzaniga

Donald Gazzaniga
Motion picture/TV producer/director/cinematographer and writer. (retired) Author of five heart healthy cookbooks and two published novels with three on the way. Live in northern California with my wife. 
Cookbooks published by Macmillan St. Martin's Press, one novel was published by  More...


After reversing his diagnosed terminal heart disease to a fully functioning and normal heart, Donald Gazzaniga (Chef Don) penned his fifth heart healthy cookbook, Living Well Without Salt. Don's first book, The No-Sat, Lowest-Sodium Cookbook was the first book of its kind ever published in the world. "He knew exactly what it would take to improve his heart," Dr. Michael Fowler, Director of the Heart Failure Program at Stanford University Medical Center said, "and he went for it. He has changed the way we treat congestive heart failure."
Literally thousands of patients have returned to normal and what is just as important, they have returned to work. Scores have succeeded in avoiding a heart transplant, just as Gazzaniga did.

Living Well Without Salt walks the reader through the path from diagnosis to reversal of heart disease. The book contains 200 great no salt, low sodium recipes. Gazzaniga's first book contains the world's first dietary 28-day meal planning guide for curing hypertension and improving our heart. Living Well Without Salt recipes can be applied to that same plan.

The huge bonus Gazzaniga's books offer is that they also help those with Nephrotic Syndrome, Lupus, hypertension, stomac cancer and Meniere's Syndrome. Los Angeles director of the LA Jazz Society, Lip Manne (wie of drummer Shelly Manne, stated, "Wow, stopped using salt and my Meniere's dizziness is gone. So wonderful. Thank you"

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Gazzaniga's books were the first to help patients who have to cut salt from their life and they are still the most popular.

In 1997 Donald Gazzaniga was diagnosed with terminal dilated cardiomyopathy with complications. He immediately researched his disease and came up with a dietary program that he thought would help improve his condition. Doctors prepped him, however, for a heart transplant, but at the last moment (just like it might have been in a movie) the cavalry arrived. His heart began to improve. Gazzaniga then brought his work to the public through his first book, The No-Salt, Lowest-Sodium Cookbook, published by St. Martin's Press. Gazzaniga's own heart has returned to normal after sticking to his regimen of no more than 500 mg of sodium per day. Today we now have five heart-healthy books from Gazzaniga and Living Well Without Salt details his path from a terminal diagnosis to a fulfilling life.

"I work in a heart failure clinic. we have all of Gazzaniga's books in our clinic. They are such a big help in showing patients tht they can still eat the foods they like in a lower sodium version and improve their health. Thank you for all of your help." - Dawn M. Wicke, CHF Clinic, Patient Care Partner.
"There is no doubt about it. Gazzaniga has saved many lives with his no-salt cookbooks." Dr. Michael Fowler, Director Heart Failure Program, Stanford University Medical Center