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Coffee with Jesus

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In this book you will find words to encourage you, to make you smile, and that will make you think.  Each week is a new inspirational poem with corresponding scripture.  Also included is a topical index and a scripture index.

I've written two other books of poetry. Each poem had a scripture reference. People were telling me that they used my book as a part of their daily devotions. That inspired me to write a devotional. This book has the scripture written out for each week.

I have received my devotional "Coffee With Jesus". I have enjoyed reading the devotional each day during my quiet time with the Lord. Lucinda has written a wonderful book and it will comfort and encourage a lot of people. May God bless Lucinda in her future writing.
Melba Gobble Worley wrote:
I got my book, and I LOVE IT %u2665 It is such an inspiring book, and it has been a comfort to me in my devotions each morning. I read the same one each morning for a week, that way it lasts the entire year; however, doing the same one each morning gives me time to really reflect on it and take it in. That may not be how some use it, but I think since there is devotions for each week - it was only feasible for me to concentrate on one devotion each day of the week for 7 days, then move on to the next one. You are truly blessed by God to have written this book, and I believe it will surely enrich many lives.

5.0 out of 5 stars Love it!, June 7, 2012
This review is from: Coffee With Jesus: 52 weeks of inspiration (Paperback)
I started reading Lucinda's poems through emails and loved them. Each week she'd share a new one and it would touch my heart. I loved the way she put a passage of Scripture with each poem and the insights she shared about those certain verses. When she decided to make a book out of her poems, I was very excited for her. God has given her a gift at expressing thoughts that encourage, inspire, and challenge one's spirit. I think everyone should have the joy of reading this book.

I am enjoying "COFFEE WITH JESUS" Written by Lucinda Berry Hill. I find this very refreshing and uplifting to my spirit. Thank you, Lucinda, for this work of God.
Lynda Sturdevant
Coffee with Jesus by Lucinda Berry Hill is a great book to read and have at hand. Consisting of 52 poems intended to be read one per week, with brief concomitant Scripture readings, I found Ms Hill's poems to be simple in nature but highly 
inspirational, well-written and laid out in very readable format. Speaking directly to the heart, for me the top poems were (1) God's Emergency Kit, (2) Home to Stay, (3) Do it, (4) A Loaf is a Loaf is a Loaf, and (5) Answering the Call. I highly recommend this book for daily or weekly devotional reading. From MBA