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It Doesn’t Matter if You Flunked High School English – Now You Too Can Use Simple Articles to Get More Traffic, More Customers and More Cash,FAST!

You’ve heard all the hype and hoopla about article marketing, right?
Seems like every guru and their brother claims that all you need to do is write a simple article, submit it around the web, and soon you’ll have a pot o’ gold in your account.

Except most article marketers don’t enjoy these pot o’ gold fairytale results!
It makes you wonder: What are these article marketers smoking? Are they pulling your leg… or are they really pulling down big profits with their content?
Truth is, there are a whole lot of article marketers out there making bank with their content. But hardly anyone spills the beans about how they’re doing it! Oh sure, they tell you where to submit your content. They tell you how to get your articles accepted into the important article directories. They even give you tips and tools for mass-submitting a boatload of content.

But here’s the thing,
These basics are important. You’ll never succeed as an article marketer without ‘em. But just relying on these basics means you’ll leave a stack of cash on the table. You’ll make hundreds of dollars with your articles but you could be making thousands…once you know the REAL secrets of content marketing!
You see, lots of beginning content marketers churn out a bunch of content, create their resource box and then submit their articles to and other top directories. Then they sit back and wait for the inevitable flood of money. But it never comes.
Where’s the traffic? Where’s all the cash?

Here’s the secret

You can’t just churn out content and expect to turn it into targeted traffic. You need to create content that your prospects WANT to read. And you need to discover the secrets of creating a resource box that practically forces your prospect to click on your links!

Here’s the formula:
Quality content + a killer resource box = more traffic than you can handle!
I know – it’s simple. Deceptively simple. But the world’s richest article marketers know just how powerful this formula is. And once you discover these secrets of creating eye-grabbing content that commands clicks, you too will be amazed and whole lot richer!

Introducing the Simple Ways To Get Paid Writing…….. your guide to using simple articles to pull in all the free traffic, customers and cash you want!
Go ahead and imagine a hit counter spinning out of control. Imagine your PayPal account full of sales notifications. And imagine yourself as a niche celebrity – the guru of your niche!

You can enjoy all of these benefits and more once you discover the article marketing secrets inside of this Ebook! Here’s a tantalizing taste of all the juicy article marketing tips and tricks you’re about to learn:

• You’ll discover the simple three-step system for turning your content into cash – it’s a lot easier than you think!

• Revealed: How to get all the content you need… without lifting a finger!

• You’ll find out how to get others to create content for you, for free!

• You’ll discover a quick and easy way to create content yourself, even if you flunked high school English and you hate writing!

• You’ll learn how to siphon red-hot,cash-in-hand traffic from Google and the other top search engines!

• You’ll find which four crucial elements turn drab resource boxes into click-inducing money makers!

• You’ll discover 7 quick and easy ways to get your content in front of plenty of white-hot prospects who’re eager to buy what you’re selling!

And more. By the time you finish this book,you’ll be well on your way to turning your content into cash!No need to be a world-class writer to turn your words into cash – you just need to read this book,and put it to use.

Have you always wanted to become a niche rock star with a bank account to match?Then you need this book, because it’s the surefire path to more respect, more customers and money