It's Not Worth It

Romance, General Fiction

By Tiffany Haynes

Publisher : Black Beauty Publishing

ABOUT Tiffany Haynes

Tiffany Haynes
Author of Desperate For Love and It's Not Worth It


This is not your ordinary romance novel. It's a story about passion, desire and lies based on situations we can all relate to.

Thirty-one year old Felicia is tired of the single life. She has everything she wants in her life, except that special someone. Felicia doesn’t want to repeat her past mistakes of giving her heart to the wrong man but once she meets the smart and handsome Byron, they get close, which blossoms into a serious relationship and Felicia couldn’t be happier. How will this relationship be affected when Felicia’s best friend tells her a terrible secret about Byron?

Will Byron be the man of Felicia dreams or will he be another disappointment?