'You Are A Tube!'

ABOUT The Author And Historian Ron Gattway

The author and historian Ron Gattway
Eye am an author/historian/publisher/satirist. Eye was born in Fulford Maternity Hospital because there was no room at the inn. Eye am the product of a mixed marriage: my mother was a woman, and my father was a man, so I had a difficult upbringing. Eye am also a racist, as eye am particula More...



Here is an extract from 'You Are A Tube!' compiled by Steven Fried PLC

Stuck On You by Elvis Presley (1960)

The premier recording star of the 1950s ventured into the new decade determined to stay at the top of his profession. However, many distractions would lie ahead. Mr P had to forge a temporary career in the army followed by another career in the movies, while the attraction of a few ladies appeared on the horizon. In spite of all this, Elvis continued to dominate hit parades at least until the onset of the Beatles and the era of the groups arrived in the mid-1960s. 'Stuck On You' is a reminder of his rock 'n' roll instincts before his repertoire became increasingly sentimental and a little too sugary for some taste buds.

No body beats Elvis! [Get80Inkt]

wish I could have had those fingers running through my hair(etc.) LOL!!! [kilofranable]

from what I read, Elvis did sing this song but hated it [micmoable]

author: He hated it? Why?!

such a damn good lookin fella in his hey day.. not see any one come close to looking or sounding like him... [magiknumber3]

One of the few Elvis songs I still like. [MsXizan]

stuck on this song [estatuadechozo]

Another incredibly infectious tune by one of the greatest entertainers ever. [sjplwc]

The Rock Era began in July 1955. Elvis Presley became the breakout star in the 1950's. Now, he is at the top of the charts in this new decade. Will he continue his reign at the top in this new decade? Or will someone else come along and knock him off? Only time will tell. Stay tuned. [mkl62]

Fantastic......love it great production********** [fraaaaaag]

This song has an awesome beat, proabably why I like it so much. Always makes me feel better just to listen to it [FrankieNY59]

Theme From A Summer Place by Percy Faith (1960)

Phew what a delicious way to kick start a new decade than to unleash this wondrous piece of music on the world. 'A Summer Place' was a movie from the previous year, but it has lived in the shadow of its esteemed theme music. Fifty-one year-old Canadian, Percy Faith was not the composer nor even the performer, but he receives the credit for having conducted his orchestra to record this. The result was a prolonged stint at the top of the USA Billboard Hot 100. Only a heart of stone could disdain this offering.

Music is Heaven but living in Hell!!!!! [tkyaheya]

One of the enduring glories of this marvelous tune is the way it brings back to me the many, many layers of a bygone era. Deeply personal and cherished memories of family life, yes of course. But also, wistful memories of what radio once meant to me when I was a kid, and an awareness that pop music then had something for everyone and could sometimes reach across generational and racial divides and pull us closer to each other. It all comes back, every time I listen to this music...a blessing. [TheCatgirl6]

I usually dont like music without lyrics, but this just speaks to me (no pun intended) [sofnsable]

Beautiful instrumental, let's not forget the composer...Max Steiner..genius [999henery]

It's misfortunate this innocent song was corrupted by using it for a Stephen King horror movie called Rose Red. [musique1975]

I listen to this song on my Ipod while I'm gunning down people in Battlefield 3! [BudtheMainah]

this song makes me want to pack my bags, go on vacation, have drinks on the beach.....Not a sour note in the whole bunch! [uplinkz]

all great no hate [bobalegokid123]

Beautiful tune from an era that has sadly left us never to return [thfcyidz]

FBI by the Shadows (1961)

Funnily enough this was not one of the group's five UK chart-toppers though it was still a big hit. Hank Marvin has never quite received the widespread acclaim that he has earned, although any self-respecting guitarist in the music business has nothing but admiration for one of the pioneers of the axe. Back in the early 'sixties, the clean-cut Shadows were vogue. Within a few years they had been usurped by a motley crew of long-haired guitarists. The music scene had been radically transformed. In spite of this, the group lived up to its moniker by happily remaining in the shadows and staying in showbusiness for many years to come. I wonder if the Feds approved of this characteristically flawless instrumental.

This song is simply timeless and awesome. Fond memories are flooding back. Many many thanks for the post. [vcl1962]

Try Brian May's version of this in a tribute to Hank Marvin album - it's brilliant! [frankrobertson1]

Wonderful entertaining music from The Shadows this is indeed!


i love this tune.....its the best.....beats minm.....or any rap any any day!


This takes me back to happy years ! [leenan1000]

true classic! [palakout87]

The Shadows are great! [Ruby09de]

The Shadows are so awesome! [Raikaage]

author: Hey thanks, dude.

All of 2:21 long. Terrific stuff. Twaaaaaaaaaangggg... [youtubister]

one of the best instramentals. [billyfury4083]

author: I also recommend 'Kon-Tiki', 'Dance On', 'Wonderful Land', and of course 'Apache'.

RIP Jet Harris, i'll miss seeing you around. [davcoolio]

Green Onions by Booker T & the MGs (1962)

Rarely has an organ, drums, and rhythm guitar functioned in such perfect harmony. I don't care much for onions, but with this instrumental I will make a glorious exception. It reached No.3 in the Billboard Hot 100.

They dont do music like this nomore! R.I.P to the vinyl record and good ole clubbin music... [wilburn4life86]

In the late 70s/early 80s, when there was a revival of early to mid-60s sounds and styles, we used to teach ourselves how to do all kind of dances from that era, and this song was great to do the Stroll to. [colibri1]

Mod classic [soulchosen]

this is the kind of song everyone knows the beat to but not the name of.


no one makes great music like this anymore!! [linuxfan50]

Definitely a Memphis band, but a couple of band members became part of the Blues Bros Band (Steve Cropper, Donald "Duck" Dunn) which may qualify them as a Chicago band. [zkenzo]

Check out your references boy! this is memphis sound from stax records the legendary music label (based in memphis) [MrFouncha]

this is the Memphis, Tennessee sound, cause the studio was based there. just like motown was to detroit. chicago is electric blues SON!


Tennessee sound my ass, Chicago sound. [MrJollyroger7]

I want this played at my funeral!...many years from now. [8woldy8]

This should be a 10 minute song. [bankslord]

The only thing i hate about this song is that it ends... [flipside799]

author: All good things must come to an end!

Miss Jamaica by Jimmy Cliff (1962)

1962 was the year that Jamaica was granted its independence from the United Kingdom. It was also a year when a new form of dance music was emerging in the island. It was called ska (alternatively known as blue beat), which itself would evolve into rock steady and then reggae. The pioneers of this new sound included Prince Buster and a fourteen-year-old Jimmy Cliff. The latter hit the local airwaves with this tune, produced by Leslie Kong. It showcased the ska sound with its obligatory brass accompaniment and high tempo. When Jamaicans migrated to Britain, they also packed their love of this new dance craze into their suitcases.

i love the ska musik! !!! [thapremo]

good house party memories lol xx [clazza01]

This one and Jimmy Cliff's King of Kings (check it!!) are top top tunes!! Maximum respect! Give thanks! [SulivanCourt]

Roses are red, violets are blue, believe me I love you... and long live ska and Jimmy Cliff et al and thank you so much for posting - wonderful mixed memories and still playing it - of course - thanks to you. Wonderful music. [NETSY296]

I love bluebeat. [MikeHudson65]

Beautiful song - always makes me smile [bayerflamsteed]

this was the first ska song i ever heard on a local college radio station. ive been in love with ska ever since.....thanks jimmy [vapido]

Nobody can not like this you hear it in the background and it makes you move this is real reggae or ska this is gods gift to us !!!! [oimax93]

real ska beautiful music [karrera94]

Would love this played at my funeral, on the condition everyone got up and moved to lighten the mood. Man this is great. [JamesG777]

Stranger On The Shore by Acker Bilk (1962)

This tune and its author are unlikely trend-setters. Together they made history as becoming the first single by a British artist to reach the top of the Billboard Hot 100. Can there be a more fitting recording to claim such a milestone? Much credit is deservedly allocated to Mr Bilk for his clarinet playing, but one ought not to overlook the fine strings that accompany him.

The pleasure of melancholy. [dbrown18401]

Happier times altogether. Not without their own set of problems, but if given the choice; then or now... No choice at all really. [morelenmir]

Love to walk along the beach listening to this on the ipod not a worry in the world [paulallan1000]

this one tune planted me firmly in the sixties and i have never left it the music from that era surpasses the so called music of the twentyfirst century wonderful [MrSpottydog2]

no matter how many times this is played I will love it forever


timeless perfection [glennirish]

This is the most relaxing song in hystory. If they played this in places where theirs a war I would think this very song will bring peace.


this song always brings tears to my eyes [MissAlexandraKaitlyn]

This must be the most beautiful melody ever created.


Don't usually prefer the Clarinet as a musical instrument- but this song is on of the GREATEST instrumentals ever-!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [weg711151]

Its an amazingly emotional piece of music especially as there is no singing.


I'm Telling You Now by Freddie & the Dreamers (1963)

Freddie Garrity and his group were a throwback to the days of the Mersey sound when performers knocked out catchy tunes and focused on the need to entertain as opposed to creating art that would appease the critics. Here was a bunch who excelled at a ridiculous dance which may have appalled many YouTube watchers, but the bottom line was that the Dreamers and their lead vocalist were committed to having a bit of fun.

Freddie was a great entertainer, had a great voice, and obviously was an athlete to boot! Great song. [bmajor981]

Freddy was a big mate of John Lennon, they fell out for a while over Fred nicking one of his arrangments but made up, who could stay mad at Gerraty? [akbukturkey]

Ridiculous..for all the respect british pop music gained thanks to the Beatles etc...a lot was lost thanks to these clowns.....Freddie & The Dreamers?..if for one second they thought this act was a good idea they really were dreaming...more likely to cause nightmares. [spacecowboy7580]

Yes this was a silly song with silly dance moves, by this time you needed a gimmick to get notice. Do the Freddie! [promoguy59]

i thought m.jackson was strange but this guy takes the cake [pheet]

this bloke has a screw loose!!!!! [col2269wf]

I think that this clown owed Mr. Jerry Lewis big time! We got a major swipe job going on here. [blueticecho]

Just realised he sounds very much like Buddy holly [oldhippypeace]

Michael Jackson was strange in a bad way, this guy is strange in a fun and not creepy way :) [ComradeDragon]

strange guy... but the music is good [The64Elizabeth]

author: I would also recommend the hit single 'You Were Made For Me'.

All Summer Long by the Beach Boys (1964)

Inspired by the harmonies of the Four Freshmen, the Wilson brothers, their cousin Mike Love and their good friend Al Jardine were able to offer one of the great teen pop anthems. Remember, this was still the early 1960s and Vietnam and LSD were a few years away from impacting on the youth culture. For a brief while, life seemed simple and sweet. Then alas, the innocence of pop was replaced by performers including Brian Wilson feeling the urge to compose art that would stand the test of time. Although the music scene matured and became self-conscious, the irony is that a lot of the teen pop delights still proved worthy of airplay many decades later.

Great harmonies and sound...the brilliance of the BB's! [lynettem100]

I wouldn't be surprised if this song (and other stuff from this era) influenced alot of 80s music like The Go Gos, Huey Lewis & The Cars. They both have that breezy, innocent sound to them. Obviously David Lee Roth covered California Girls too.....I got into this from that 90s Simpsons episode (Summer of 4 ft 2) where Lisa befriends the older skater kids.


In my humble opinion, the best 2 plus minutes ever laid down on vinyl.


author: It's so good to encounter someone whose opinion is a humble one! More humble opinions would be good

The harmonies give me chills, GR8 audio. [hamtrak]

i wish this was longer [MrM1GarandGuy]

Another brillant piece of music by Brian. If i could meet one songwriter in my life, it would be Brian. A genius of a man. [62849rsm]

A great beach boys classic to end the summer with! [Wolf25198]

"Miniature golf and Hondas in the h-i-i-i-i-i-l-l-l-l-s-s-s..." What a great feeling this song leaves you with. [metalschemist]

I love the melancholy underpinning of the melody- a sense of regret and loss- like things will never be the same... [saguaroboy]

Downtown by Petula Clark (1964)

Only those pesky Beatles prevented Pet Clark from reaching the top of the pops. This did however reach the pop summit in the United States. This outstanding slice of joie de vivre is better known than her two UK chart-toppers, 'Sailor' and 'This Is My Song'. Personally, I prefer 'Don't Sleep In The Subway' but on this occasion I've decided to venture downtown.

my name is petula clark my mother just loveddd her singing so she decided to call me petula clark thank goodness i got married. [hotmama13743]

I have loved this song since it came out when I was 6 years old. It's just so upbeat and optimistic. It is impossible for me to stay or be in a bad mood when I hear this song. [EPBPGrad]

wow! they used propaganda to make you go shoping back then too


We all know this is the best song to make you feel a little better


Whenever I'm baking something at home or just homealone, a wear a Marry Poppin like dress and sing this song at the top of my lung til my downstare neighbors nudges the ceiling yelling for me to shut up :(


jimmy page is the session guitarist on this lol. [terminator2570]

author: It is a far cry from 'Dazed And Confused'!

A commerical for your local chamber of commerices [HEBisreal]

An All Time Classic sung by a Very Underated Lady. [whispperson]

very nice song... the music the lyrics everything !! [13riham]

I remember this song from way back in '64 when it played on tv. She wore a real tight pair of denims and boy did she look great [paulcobb1]

The reason they don't music like this anymore is because it ain't manufactured,she actually sang the darn song.Classic. [JAA2090]

I Should Have Known Better by the Beatles (1964)

The Beatles (or what is left of them) would probably argue that the best rock 'n' roll that they ever played was when they were constantly gigging in Hamburg or slumming it at the Cavern. However, such performances will remain even beyond the reach of modern technology. Instead, we must rely on their early records for a glimpse of their admittedly more polished rock 'n' roll. By early 1964, the quartet were really hitting their stride with the 'A Hard Day's Night' album and film. Arguably the finest cut from this new project is this song. John Lennon's harmonica and vocals are outstanding.

If there was another name for Rock n Roll it would be "The Beatles"


this song makes me think about how legendary they are (along with many other songs!) [101gillyboyrocks]

I'm here for the love ... and for the music.. and for the love of music.. and the music for love.. [JustSomeGuyOk]

All the music now and days is just so washed up.The thing I like most about the beatles music is not because I like rock and roll,but because I love genuine music.and that's what beatles music is.In a nutshell.


what a tune man !!! one of lennon's best vocals [DaveMilne1]

One of the greater moments in music is at 2:01 when John's double tracked vocal is dropped. Not that the rest of his vocals aren't amazing, but there's something special about that moment when we're all alone with John. It's a bridge to die for. [1969Odessa]

Beatles over Rollingstones any day [Rakthy]

sunny sunday morning,this playing in my ear while i go to meet the woman i love,some things are just priceless. [northernswagga]

Heard this on the radio & fell in love :D [shirotaKUKKI]