In Her Eyes

Gay & Lesbian, Mystery & Thrillers, Romance

By Tyana Rainey Jones

Publisher : Tyana Rainey Jones

ABOUT Tyana Rainey Jones

Tyana Rainey Jones
I am bringing back awesome with a dynamic writing style and as many entertaining and bizarre tales as I can possibly write. So far I have managed to write several books and will be publishing them as I finish the editing process for them. I hope that readers enjoy my work as much as I enjo More...



Ten years ago Rachel Burn was a brilliant, bright, happy, energetic, and out going young lady. Or so she has been told. Rachel remembers nothing of her life before a gun man shot her point blank range in the head. Through no small miracle Rachel has survived the incident, however not fully intact. A decade later and she is a vicious shell of a woman hell bent on the destruction of her life and anyone who would get in her way.
    All of that changes when a daring stranger walks out of Rachel’s past to tell her that her life is not what she has been told. The arrival of this ghost from Rachel’s past sparks a series of events that sends Rachel on the run for her life which she has finally found a reason to live. Follow Rachel as she fights to unravel her past before it ends her future.

I wanted to write a less complex lighter story. It took me just over three months to write this book, and it was fun to write. I didn't even know how it was going to end until I wrote the last sentence.

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