Tangled Desires

ABOUT Sheri Henry-Harrigan

Sheri Henry-Harrigan



Katrina Jackson loved women and would do anything in her power to get with them. She didn’t play fair at all. Oftentimes, if a woman resisted her, she used her secret weapon. Her brother Kevin was tall, dark and handsome; just the way women liked their man. Every time Kevin came along Katrina was guaranteed to get what she wanted.
Tricia Morton has caught Katrina’s eye. Just like every female before she lets invites her brother in to her bedroom to get in on the sexual activity. This was a big mistake and Katrina is furious. She wasn’t supposed to feel any type of way about this girl. She wasn’t supposed to be upset with her brother, but she is and all hell breaks loose.
What happens when emotions and sex mix? What happens when a brother and sister are caught up in a tangled web of deception? Find out in this story of sex and deception between two siblings.

Short story!!!! Part 1 of a series