Mind Games

Romance, Mystery & Thrillers

By Dorian Smith

Publisher : Dorian Smith

Mind Games

ABOUT Dorian Smith

Dorian Smith
Newly emerged writer, Dorian Smith, has been in the creative industry for quite some time! Prior to Mind Games, Dorian worked as a freelance article writer, drafting fashion, lifestyle and dating articles for numerous online publications. In addition to that, Dorian is also an entertainmen More...


Michelle Beauford is a perennial career girl with her eye on the corner office, a proposal from her hotshot attorney boyfriend and enjoying the fast paced life that New York offers. Everything was predictable and sane until a chance meeting on a flight turns her world upside down.

Kenji Sakura is one of the most powerful men in Japan. Life always revolved around his career until fate stepped in, interrupted his routine and presented an opportunity at love with an exotic stranger when he thought that the chance had long since passed. Using his mantra “what Kenji wants, Kenji takes” as his guide, he decides to make his own destiny with love.

For Annellyse Crawford, life began at twenty six. And, what started out as a fairytale lifestyle soon becomes rife with intrigue and deception. Not knowing who to trust, Annellyse must learn to separate fact from fiction as she discovers her true past. WIth a husband connected with the criminal underworld and an Interpol agent who’s fixated on her, Annellyse navigates a slippery road to redemption and the truth.

Mind Games is a gripping expose into the butterfly effect and how one person’s actions can profoundly effect everyone around them.

Mind Games is a romance suspense novel that is a peek into the concept of the butterfly effect as it relates to human nature, love, and emotions. The “butterfly effect”, is the belief that even the most inconsequential of actions by one person can create enormous after effects – both good and bad – in the lives of those around them. The novel primarily follows the main character and heroine, Michelle Beauford and examines how her life and that of her social circle is irrevocably changed after she meets a mysterious man while on vacation.