The Sustainable Table: Take Back Your Plate

The Sustainable Table: Take Back Your Plate

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Join me in my travel for a simpler, healthy, and sustainable kitchen one that considers your well being, while being mindful of the environment and grocery savings. Chapters include Condiment Hell, Food Free-for-all, I Just Came For Milk, Real Cost of Food, Feed a Family of Four for less than $50 a Week, and more.

The focus is on how to take back your plate from the world of processed foods, creating more meals from scratch using everyday staples and simple recipes that fit within your budget like Cocoa Snacks, Curry Stew, Monks Soup, Honey Garlic Sauce, Gluten-free Egg Rolls-Spring Rolls and many more.
The book also includes recipes that are celiac or gluten-free, vegan, and lactose-free.

Life is a journey and for 28 years my husband and I have been striving to simplify and some day we can retire. I wrote this book to capture some of the things we have already done and found helpful and to help the next generation to simplify and save starting with creating a sustainable table to feed them into the future. The world of processed foods has created the feeling that we don't have enough time... as a marketer I know that is what advertisers want you to think. Add to that GMO, buy local, eat vegan and you have an idea of some of the content in my book and my journey.

Review by Sally Cole, The Guardian newspaper Homemade is Healthy
Selected recipes from The Sustainable Table - Take Back Your Plate published by The Lioness Magazine, page 52