Squeaky Gourmet

Cooking, Food & Wine

By Maureen Jeanson

Publisher : Fish Lips Ink LLC

ABOUT Maureen Jeanson

Maureen Jeanson
About me--hhm, ok. I am a mother to 5 children--fitness lover--clean food follower (who eats dirty these days?), competitive Strongman athlete and co-author to Squeaky Gourmet.


Squeaky Gourmet is a wellness tool as well as a cookbook. Educating you on the facts about carbohydrates, fats and proteins instead of scaring you away from whole food groups altogether. The authors provide expert advice on preparing foods, meal planning when you are short on time and of course wonderful recipes with beautiful pictures to make any mouth water!
These are not diet experts who tell others what to do and have no real experience in the world of "diets" these are in the trenches Moms' who know how hard it is to shuffle out the garbage and prepare simple clean food anyone in the family will crave!
J.R.Smith Human Performance Systems for Body, Back and Mind
“Wow, finally a legitimate cook book that I can offer my clients. I love the layout and the recipes are so simple and easy to follow. I like the fact that you have done all the work and we know about the proteins, carbs and fats which is so needed in legitimate health and fitness cookbooks.”

Dorene Peterson BA, Dip. NT, Dip. Acu President of American College of Healthcare Science
“I loved this Book! These dishes can be prepared for anyone not just someone on a fitness journey. I loved the holistic approach to food as well as the entertaining way Squeaky Gourmet was written. I plan to keep this book on stock at my college bookstore.”

Patrick Gamboa  B.S. MSS Editor-in-Chief of ISSA Pro Trainer Online Magazine/Editor-in-Chief of Associate Magazine-Vice President of Education ISSA
“Maureen Jeanson is an excellent example of a true fitness educator, and every person who has the opportunity to work with her directly or read Squeaky Gourmet will truly benefit, physically and mentally. Her understanding of the demands of clients,  busy schedules and most importantly the struggles of dealing with boring and monotonous foods makes her the perfect expert to teach us all how to prepare Simple… Clean… Foods.  I would make this a must have!”
John Sferes M.S. cPT. ,Fitness Specialist Department of Defense
“This book is great for people just starting out on their fitness journey or for those die hard gym goers who are just looking for better recipes. This book is GREAT!”