The Real American Gigolo

Romance, Biographies & Memoirs, Entertainment & Style

By Geoff Hampton

Publisher : Xlibris Corporation

ABOUT Geoff Hampton

Geoff Hampton
I believes that life is to be enjoyed and everyone should live it to its fullest. I love to try many different things like racing motorcycles, skydiving, and scuba diving. I also love to travel and has seen many different countries. For the past three decades, I has worked for major comput More...


In The Real American Gigolo, Hampton tells his true story which took place in Austin, Texas during the eighties and early nineties. He considered himself as an average man that ended up living the life that every male has had dreams about. His life as a gigolo came unexpectedly and he didn’t experience it for the money. He is someone who is constantly being swarmed by wonderful ladies and the pleasure was always his. 

The Real American Gigolo is about the memoirs of a gigolo in the eighties.

 Geoff was just an average guy, like millions of average of guys across the world, who wasn’t necessarily a pretty boy and who lived paycheck to paycheck. His life, however, took a completely unexpected turn when he agreed to a proposition made by one of his co-workers for a night of passion. Little did he know that at this moment his life would change forever; that he would be living the next few years known simply as The American Gigolo.

Hampton’s The Real American Gigolo is a true story of the life of the author during the eighties and early nineties as he explored the life of a true gigolo. Without trying to, he just kind of fell into the life of what most men dream of, including extravagant parties, expensive vacations, and many, many beautiful women. Always with a rum and coke in hand, Hampton navigates through his adventures and romances with the many women that he not only met but came to love. Never accepting a dime of their money for his time, Hampton focused more on the experiences and the relationships that he built.

The women that Geoff was with all made sure to tell him that they truly loved their husbands and families; they were simply looking to step outside of their lives if only for a brief encounter. Some were simply looking to be noticed or to have someone to talk to. Geoff was more than happy to oblige their needs. Geoff never bragged about his escapades; in fact, one of the highlights of his book is when he brings several women to a work party and truly surprises many of his co-workers.

As each encounter ends, the author’s “eyes start to water.” The author takes great strides in his writing to portray that these episodes are not centered around the physical; the emotional side plays a more important role in each story that he tells.

Eventually, Geoff had to stop his life as the American Gigolo due to health reasons. However, he valued the memories and the women he met even to this day. Many readers might find themselves surprised, including myself, that he soon married and was faithful to his wife. For Geoff, it was never only about the sex.

Throughout the book, the author takes an honest approach and tone to his story telling as he introduces the reader to the many colorful characters that came into his life. With a writing style filled with repetition, the readers feel comfortable with the main character as they can think ahead to what he will do or say next. With romance and unexpected fantasies come true, this book has the makings of a true novel that men and women alike could enjoy -- Pacific Book Review