King Solomon's Journey

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Sammy Sutton
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The first in The Dominguez Adventures...Unaware of the existence of the other, Anthropologist, Antonio Dominguez and Spiritualist, Amanda Messenger have inadvertently lived parallel lives.
They have studied the mysteries and history of the ancient people of the earth, the ties that bind past and present, and have sought to understand mankind's deepest meanings, now they have been led onto a path that will take them into the past, present and future.

Drawn together by fate, they have uncovered 3,000 year old scrolls, which have lain protected since King Solomon first sent them up the Rio Grande, within the confines of the mysterious Hidden Mountain. Ancient and valuable in their own right, the scrolls hold the key to unlocking the gates that will save humanity from approaching catastrophe.

Hunted by evil forces —who will stop at nothing to keep them from revealing the answers—Antonio and Amanda find themselves on the run and up to their necks in trouble as they race against time to solve the King’s mysteries.

In an adventure full of high-octane action and sensual mysteries as old as time, Sammy Sutton tackles all the issues your mother warned you never to discuss: sex, politics, and faith. With a complexity of depth and vivid characterization that is rarely seen within its genre, King Solomon’s Journey is the story of a sultry race on track to save the world.
By Robert J. Mcdonnel
This review is from: King Solomon's Journey (The Dominguez Adventures) (Kindle Edition)
King Solomon's Journey (The Dominguez Adventures) thoroughly entertains on two levels. I enjoy fiction that teaches me something interesting in the process. As you might expect from the title, we learn quite a bit about King Solomon's life and his role in history in this novel. But author Sammy Sutton consistently weaves these bits of information within the context of the story without interrupting the flow or stopping the action. She added timely relevance by linking this side of the novel to the prediction of cataclysmic events on 12/21/12.

I am normally not a reader of romantic fiction. But I was very taken with the way the protagonist, Dr. Dominguez, related to Amanda Messenger. Their many differences made for very believable tension, yet the way they complemented each other's perspective in the main storyline led me to actively root for them as a couple. Their independence and unique voices made for a quality read.